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I just read a recent article from Australian PC World, Dec 2005 p69
entitled "10-Step Security." The article describes various procedures to ensure PC security.

I need antivirus protection but I don't have a lot of money to spend on programs :cry2:

The article recommends the AVG Anti-Virus System from Grisoft (www.grisoft.com)
Has anyone had good or bad experiences with AVG?
Is there another program I could download or procedure I could follow that would complement AVG? I am currently downloading the free version 7.1.371.

Thanks for your advice in advance.
AVG is great.

Make sure you have some anti-spyware software to go along with the anti-virus. MS AntiSpyware seems to be good for a lot of people.
I know ppl that use AVG and have used it for years and they have never had any problems.

I use VET which i pay about $43 a year, i like VET because of the way it works it does not slow down the computer at all, unless it was doing a full system scan u would never know its there.
AVG free is a real good software. But unfortunately, it can't find/remove all viruses(even after regular updates). But if u r using it for personal use, 90% of the time u face no problems at all. i'm using it from last 3yrs and had occasionally problems.Overall AVG's performance is above Average, i should say.
I need antivirus protection but I don't have a lot of money to spend on programs
In that case, buy a Mac and you won't need to. ;) I haven't run antivirus software for about 7 years and haven't had any problems. :)
As long as it's not NAV it must be an awesome antivirus offering actuall proection instead of useless security warnings and not actually protecting anything.
T.M. said:
AVG is amazing. I just cancelled renewal of McAfee over it. Great download.

Does it slow down your e-mail download?
I can check my e-mail in an online queque, but I always like to download the e-mail into my Mozilla Thunderbird pop3 program.

The other day I saw the e-mail headers in the queque online and deleted those I didn't want. When I wanted to download the e-mail into Mozilla Thunderbird, AVG said it was scanning ... gee the scanning process took forever :tired2:
I had to disable that feature in order to get my e-mail into my pop3 program.

What do other people do so that AVG won't take so long in scanning the incoming e-mail? oldman2

Or do you just disable that feature?