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Apache vs Others


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I have always considered Apache to be the best web server around, however I was wondering if any of you have had better experiences with other web server software.
Nginx is a good alternative when you are on a low end server. It really helps to get rid of the server load and serve files faster. But I still prefer Apache. It's the professional one. I like that. ;)
I used Nginx and Lightspeed and Apache, also tried lighttpd. Personally, I'd pick Nginx if I had that much of a use for it. But the others are just as good.
Myself, I also prefer Nginx than others.
Because of my customers require a lot of mods that are usually found in Apache and LiteSpeed, I have to go for a LiteSpeed, as LiteSpeed is the closest to what Apache have.
Nginx for my personal site, but Apache if you are running a hosting company. (lots of options, people like .htaccess)

People can't use .htaccess with other servers? I really don't know. I know that litespeed works with apache's virtal host files, so I would assume there'd be at least be some kind of backwards compatibility for .htaccess.
If you're going to start a video streaming host, I've found Litespeed (with the 2 CPU license for cache) is the best route to go. I managed to get a 1080P video stream ~25Mbps to play flawlessly to my house from a server in the UK. I tried replicating this with other web servers, and none of them could do the same without buffering constantly.

Ofc, I may just not know what modifications to make/use on other web servers so don't take my word on this.
If you are going to provide cPanel hosting, then Apache is what you should use.
If you are going to run a VPS to host only your own websites, then I think NginX is the best option for you.