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I am looking for a free host that suports ASP, SQL, PHP, FTP, and Perl with no ad's. Also maby 5-10 Megs of space. If it is 5-10 megs of space then I need a free host that has lots of space. I need space for my program's. Thanks in advance.

Let me see if I can explain it better

What i need is a free web hosting service with ASP, SQL, PHP, PERL, and FTP. I would like it to have no ad's. I would also like it to have atlease 5 to 10 Megs of space. I am also going to need a free hosting company(i don't care what they have) for my files. That company needs to let me transfer BIG files and have LOT'S of space. Thanks.
How big is "BIG" and how much is "LOT'S"?

BTW, if your planning on just storing files most hosts won't allow it.
Hmm....don't know any of those. Why do you need PHP and CGI and ASP? Can't you just use oone or two of them?

Also, I was just wondering how you expect to get that without ads. Yes there are some no ads hosts, many of which have bitten the dust, but the few remaining do not meet your specs. I don't know any hosts with ads that offer all that.
All I am looking for is Perl/PHP/SQL/ASP and ftp transfer. Perl/PHP for a message board and the SQL for the database and I am learning asp so...
Originally posted by CyberWil
All I am looking for is Perl/PHP/SQL/ASP and ftp transfer. Perl/PHP for a message board and the SQL for the database and I am learning asp so...

How can you just say "that's all I'm lookin for"? Some paid hosts dont even offer all those features in one package.
Maybe someone should set up one...

A great potential market thou . :p If only you have good strategies to survive with ads-free .
Maybe split it up between two hosts? F2S has everything except the ASP. (20 MB, no ads, PHP, Perl, SQL, and FTP.) Since you say you're just learning ASP, then maybe that could be kept separate, at another place like maybe Brinkster. (30 MB, ASP, no ads.)
My Programs

I am a program developer( AKA programer ) and I am starting my own company but I don't have very much "get off the ground" money.

Well... Netcabins isn't up yet, but it when it is, they claim to offer all the stuff that you want. (Their ASP is run by Chilisoft)
Well, if you're planning to profit off your programs, then you can go and get paid hosting after you've gotten enough money. In the meantime, you'll survive at http://www.f2s.com . :)

Since you're just starting to learn ASP, why not just stick with LEARNING ASP and instead put all your other skills to USE, like PHP and CGI? (unless you're just starting to learn those as well)

(I find it confusing. Why would you want to use ASP when you also want to use PHP and CGI at the same time?)

I just found bootbox, they have PHP,CGI,ASP,MySQL, but they have an ad.
Originally posted by gyrbo
Store your programs at nbci!

Yes, Nbci is perfect for hosting download sites! Even though it says in their TOS that you must link your programs to HTML files in your webspace, I don't think they actually check your webspace. In fact, I could probably redirect my cjb.net URL to my "true" site's location on Nbci (under the Nbcibar) right now, and Nbci would never catch me! However, lucky for them, I'm a nice guy and I wouldn't do that to them.