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Batter Operating System...?

Windows is much more reliable and stable compared to Android and Symbian. Windows provide multi tasking operations without freezing your devices.
these are my certain points for comparison of operating system:
  • User friendly
  • Multitasking
  • Help desk
  • flexibility
  • Based upon above points in my opinion Window is the comparatively better option.
I believe he's talking phones, in that case it would be Android. Windows Phone is nice but it's a shame there isn't the push behind it. Desktop I'd go with Windows though.
Customization and configuration? Android
Usability & simplicity? iOS
General shittyness? Windows / Symbian
First tell me where do you want to use operating system. But I would like to add something for Phone Android is better and for Computer Windows is perfect.
I did some research and visited a local supplier and looks as though android is recommended as all of the applications are free. With Windows every now and then one finds one has to subscribe. It is more limited for phone than what android is. At the same time however it is more "tamed" than android is. The limitations in Windows could be safe for those who don't have enough experience with working with android.
Android is definitely the best from most folks I hear say. I personally use iOS as I have an iPhone.

Both are supposed to be very dependable.
I've never been using Symbian, but choosing between Android and Windows the decesion is clear for me. I would totally choose Android because its interface and general management is much more easier. Also, Android has much more apps you can download and they have a really strong team of developers that doesn't stop creating updates and etc for their clients.
For me best is iOS mobile OS and among for the three choices what is better? I preferably go for the widely used operating system which is android.

Why android? First is it is open source, it is compatible in Windows Mac OS Linux, therefore you will find it more flexible, though and really budget friendly. There’s a lot of mobile phone using this OS.
personally, I am 100% apple. I was hard core windows for many years, and made the switch about 7 years ago now... best thing I ever did.