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BidVertiser, SUCKS


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My Balance is 105.21$ in 1 week at Bidvertiser

Hello Everybody My Name is : Samy BEKARI
Actually and honestly i have 105.21$ in 1 week at Bidvertiser, i am in the same situation as Mr.Gary13579 (....violation of our Terms of Service)
But my problem is not the termination of my account because i'm convinced of this final decision, and i want be clear in this case of BIDVERTISER terms of service, what i want ot say is I'AM TALKING ABOUT MY MONEY not my account and one of these reasons can certainly be truth:
1- i have much than 1000 clicks which means that absolutely there is a valid click between these clicks and one invalid click cannot be responsible of the rest of my clicks.
2- Unfortunately in 18 Bidvertiser terms there is no-term talking about someone who try to fraud other people who had Bidvertiser accounts and i'am falling in this trick because somehow i've discover that someone try to fraud me for no reason, he doesn't a Bidvertiser account so this injustice to me i'am not responsible for what they do to me.

Well people please listen up very careful to this Question and please answer me :
how we can be regular to count time to not fall in this condition of encouraging users to click, i want to know the time counted before this click will be considered as an encouragement

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Easiest thing to do. Get over it and try another form of monetizing. Whether it be you selling ad space or someone else!

I've had many issues with CPC and CPM not paying up. Best thing I did was rather then wasting my time posting on various different forums, I've just searched for another 1 and gone from there.


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Right now Adsense and Chitika works for me. I also tried Adbrite and Kontera but they didn't perfom very well. Seems like it all depends on the niche. People still make big money with Adbrite and Kontera. But for me it didn't work. So I'm happy with Adsense and Chitika. :)


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Used that awhile ago , it was really no good at all got alot of problems with them keep suspending my site ads for no reason , and so forth as you have already seen :p


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BidVertiser SUCKS

At least they didnt steal your radio too. Mine was parked in my apt parking lot and the assholes broke in. Try driving for hours with nothing on. It sucks... the bad way.
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Hi Guys!
Though its an old topic, but I'm responding here!
Yesterday at evening I got my Bidvertiser account terminated too!
Reason is Unacceptable site content!
I don't know what they have found unacceptable in my site and my forum!
My user id was "pankaj.sea" in bidvertiser!
I think they are really scam!


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have you try directcpv advertiser networks, they run base on CPM so that means you get paid from the traffic that you make and not really care about your click, I think they care more about visitor come from.US/UK/AUS is most loved country


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I made $0.26 in almost 2 weeks. At that rate I would never make the min payout. (almost 2 years.) Not worth the ugly and slower loading of pages.
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Maybe you can try adsense. But keep yourself safe with invalid clicks because they wont inform you or suspend you right away. they will only tell you that something is wrong with clicks once you reach the payout. Then by that time you will realize that all of your efforts are in vain.