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CGI webspace


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Anyone here know any CGI space provider ( not FWP with CGI ) that will let me run my own CGI scripts?

BTW, this forum won't load if I turn on Webwasher. Admin,Take note.
Why not just get a FWP with CGI? What would be the difference?

What the hell is webwasher?
It is because I have my own webpage at my ISP ( free with my Internet account ) but it don't have CGI. It seems that Hypermart won't let me link my homepage at my ISP to my UBB at Hypermart. All my CGI files die mysteriously after 1 or 2 days. Uploading the CGI files back ( especially UBB ) is a hassle. Not to mention configuring it.


http://www.webwasher.com, A cookie/ads filter management. It's free too and benefecial for me who had a transfer limit per month from my ISP.

So please help if you can. Actually I've found some but they only let you use their own script, not mine.

Try http://www.MyCGIServer.com fomr the last time I checked they gave 3 mbs of ad free space for your scripts and other needed things.

I just checked their site out ... *nevermind* they took out PERL useage from their servers cause of the problems they were having :(

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MYCGIServer.com dont offer cgi

If you'd look at the signup page it says it only offers java script stuff and they dont support perl...thats a bunch of crock to me getting peeps hopes up who want to host scripts but cant.
but it's called mycgiserver!

There is actually a place called mycgiserver.com - AND IT DOESN'T LET YOU USE CGI?! I can't believe the nerve of some folks...