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Custom Vps Request


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Hi all,

I am looking for a small vps on a small budget,

Here is the specs i am looking for

126 MB of ram or 256mb of ram
10 to 15gb of space
50gb of bandwidth

and not to fussy on cpu as for control panel im wanting to use xampp installed on it ive been told not to use it as its unsecure what part of xampp is it not secure?

i am also considering of using abyss webserver too so not to sure anyway post the following above as to how much it would cost to get a linux vps for the above specs?

You can get:
256 MB of Guaranteed Memory
384 MB of Burstable Memory
25 GB of Disk Space
Bandwidth 10 Mbits unmetered
1 IP
Free Vebmin cp
Germany server
5.50 US$/mo.
okay this is totally different than your last request.

what is your budget? i can get you in a dedicated for less than $100 dollars
Im looking for a vps for around 5 to 10 a month if possible but for a server i could proabbly do 50 a year only thing is i'd want to pay yearly how much can you do for 1 year and what specs?
maybe 50 a month but not 50 a year.

if your looking for a vps, and your looking to host more than 1 or 2 sites you may want to look at more memory. You can find unmanaged servers with lots of memory. your space requirement i am sorry is out of your league.

U-Basic VPS
25 GB Disk Space
512 MB RAM Guaranteed / 2048 MB Burstable
5 Mbps Unmetered OR 1600 GB Transfer on 100 Mbps
2 IP Address
coupon "2OFF1"

makes it $5.00 a month for life

That is at virpus
Do you have any reviews of your services?

We have few reviews on Serbian Language on WOT.
You can try our service for 15 days free if you want, and than, please, write review here.
Just write what you think about us and our service, with no obligation.
If you wish cheap Dedicated server, we can offer you:
Celeron 2.4GHZ
- 4000 GB/month bandwidth
- 5 IP addresses
- OpenVZ unlimited licenses
- DDOS protection - Network level
Price: 35 US$/month
Server location USA, Scranton - BurstNET DC
I would suggest you to go with Hostrail. Their VPS specs are as folows:-

Quarter Power Unit Server
* 10 GB Disk Space
* 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
* 128 MB Dedicated RAM
* 0.3 Ghz CPU
* 1 IP Address

Half Power Unit Server
* 15 GB Disk Space
* 100 GB Monthly Bandwidth
* 128 MB Dedicated RAM
* 0.3 Ghz CPU
* 1 IP Address

1 Power Unit Server
* 30 GB Disk Space
* 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
* 128 MB Dedicated RAM
* .3 Ghz CPU
* 1 IP Address
Cost:7.99$ - These are the VPS packages below 10$/month
What can i get for around $15 usd a month for a vps?

You can get:
512 MB of Guaranteed Memory
768 MB of Burstable Memory
50 GB of Disk Space
Bandwidth details: 500 GB/m at 100 Mbits port (or 10 Mbits unmetered if you want Germany located server)
1 IP
Direct Admin Control Panel

15 US$/monthly
Hi william232,

ROSSLO Internet Solutions can offer you the following VPSes.

Firstly a low RAM VPS as requested by you:

128MB guaranteed RAM
256MB burstable RAM
10GB diskspace
50GB datatransfer
1 dedicated IP
10 mbit/s
Located in New Jersey, USA

€ 6,50/month

Secondly, what we can offer you for around $15:

30 GB diskspace
500 GB datatransfer
512MB guaranteed RAM
1024 burstable RAM
2 dedicated IP's
100 mbit/s
Located in New Jersey, USA

€ 12,50/month


Our VPSes are unmanaged, but we provide best-effort support when needed.

The first plan is a custom plan, so please contact us when you want to order, we will then set up a personal order link for you.

Should you need another custom quote, just contact us. Also, if you'd want to pay yearly please contact us and we'll give you a discount on the montlhy price.

I could offer you these(not on my cart , pm me if interested):
Unmanaged Vps-M2:
Space/Bandwidth: 15gb/100gb
128mb ram(guaranteed)
Price: $4/m

Unmanaged VPS-1:
Space/Bandwidth: 20gb/1000gb
Price: $6/m

Unmanaged Vps-M3:
Space/Bandwidth: 30gb/200gb
128mb ram(guaranteed)
Price: $7.5/m

Unmanaged Vps-M4:
Space/Bandwidth: 60gb/400gb
256mb ram(guaranteed)
Price: $15/m
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William we have powerful VPS solutions and they will be good for you. If you can increase your budget little bit we will be able to work out on it.

Are you looking to host just standard websites that require dedicated resources for scalability? Or are you looking to host extra based services such as ShoutCast,IRC etc.
Id back virpus, been on that plan for over 3 months with only a few hours downtime.
Directadmin there is only 4$/month too.