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DomainZero and Hypermart


New Member
I have my own domain at domainzero and one at hypermart, now can someone please tell me how i can point my domain name that i got from domainzero to go to the hypermart page.
I am a newbie, so please go step-by-step.
Thank you
all you have to do is login to access.domainzeo.com with you domain and password then set it up for a url redirect to your hypermart acct.
still dont get it

I still dont get it how to url forward with domainzero. I login into my domainzero. I choose URL Forwar for Record Type but i dont know what to put for Hostname, Adress, and MX Pref.

And choosed i have for record type 1. MXE (mail easy) record type 2. CName alias
record type 3. A (Adress)
or it should be all blank and just have the url forwarding.
hostname: yourdomain.com
forward address: yoursite.hypermart.com
MX pref: just leave the default (this field doesn't matter in this context)

and do the same with www.yourdomain.com too...

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Yup...there should only be three fields your concerned about:
  • hostname (yourdomain.com)
  • the forwarding option (web forwarding...)
  • the forwarding address (whatever.hypermart.com)
The rest dont matter...

If you want to setup email, I suggest you stick with the EasyMX, or whatever its called...it seems to work well!
Unfortunately, both hypermart and virtualave use an ancient system that checks to see if your name servers are pointing to theirs.

This system was built around NSI, and they really haven't changed it yet. They 'wont' setup your domain unless you have your NS pointing to them.

Now, for some reason, enom, which runs the domainzero domains, does not work for this verification service (as far as I tried anyway) and therefore you might be forced to use the URL direct....

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Yes it is free. Both hypermart.net and virtualave.net are provided by the same company (i think) and they have great service. I can't remember a time when their servers are down.
So it is free, there is no charge at all using the domain hosting from hypermart? If it is really free, can i have the url for the sign up page for it.

Thank You