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dot.tk DEAD ?


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Dot TK Question's ?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can double check all dot tk domain for me , why I cannot access and get this message "The page cannot be displayed" for few days now. I thought is only on my side of the world, then when I asked my friends in OZ and other countires , they also get the the same message ..

Pls tell me what is going on.. :confused2 . very funny early i can access my.dot.tk then when I login to my other pc, I got the same message.. No more Dot Tk for us:cry2:

All Dot TK nothing is working anymore.. Anyone here you're smart + clever can tell me what is going on? I know today is 1st april ! then this is not joke anymore for me .

fain XX
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is dot.tk DEAD ?

Is www.dot.tk dead ?

I havent been able to access peoples pages thats linked thru that free domain mask / URL-redirection service for 2 days now. .

anyone with an account there ?
did you get a message that they were closing or out for service ?
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:( None of TK domain is working right now :cry2: ... NO news, This my.dot.tk only work for a while, b4 it also dead now awwwwww :confused2 ...

i'll keep trying and trying :( ..
I just accessed your site and copied this from it:
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Ps:- 2003 will be busy year for me , so most web site will be under Constructions , if you come a cross with any incomplete website, please come back again in the future . As I still many thing to doing and I hope you enjoy surfing all my website entires. Thank you

Mmm.. Very Strange, seem a friends from Oz can access all my Tk domain .. I ask my friends in Europe / Uk and some others Asian countries , they all have the same error message:confused:
" The page cannot be displayed"

Seem it not my service provided have problem here.. Anyway i wonder why this happen.. Maybe you have the answer?

Fainonline XX
Maybe it's a Kiwi and Aussie conspiracy. :p After all, Tokelau (TK) is a self-governing territory with free association with New Zealand. :D
Awwww Dot.tk sox

It works last few day.. but now still Dot.tk is dead again, I even can't access to any dot.tk domain.. TA .. Even there no notice from them and this is not very good for everybody ... :cry2: ..

Now you seee .... Now you don't :biggrin2:
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oh no, sorry, its up now. it just took absolutly ages to start loading the page. And that's the same with every page on the site.
.DK DDOS Attack

You may have noticed that your Dot TK Website
was recently down. This downtime has been the
result of a massive Internet (DDOS) attack on the
Dot TK root servers. Although we have made the
required changes in our network to get everything
back up again, we wanted to briefly explain
what happened.

As you may know, when someone wants to visit a
.TK website, his computer first contacts one of
the three Root Servers of Dot TK. One of the Root
Servers is located in San Francisco, and the other
two are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There are
more than 400,000 domains registered with Dot TK.
Websites bearing the .TK extension and those sites
are visited more than 40 times per second by people
all around the world. DDOS attacks are attacks on
computer networks whereby packets of information
are sent through the Internet to one or more destinations,
in this case: the Root Servers of Dot TK.

This attack resulted in the immediate non-availability
of all 400,000 Dot TK websites, which use the .TK
extension including the Dot TK registry website www.dot.tk.

This was such a large attack that The Federal Bureau
of Investigation (FBI) in the United States is thoroughly
investigating the attack, IP address by IP address,
since one of the Root Servers is on US soil.
Also the Criminal Investigation Service of the Dutch
law enforcement is working on the case.

You can review the Press Release on the attack by going to:

The good news is that together with ICANN, the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,
which deals with policies of Root Servers on
the Internet, Dot TK has found a solution.
The Root Servers of Dot TK are back online since
April 2nd 2003. Due to the "propogation" of domains,
it took some more time to get back "up" again. At
this moment, everything is working again and all
domains should be available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this downtime may
have caused you and assure you that we have done
everything possible to get all Dot TK sites
up and our network protected.

If you have questions or remarks about this attack,
please email ddos@dot.tk.


Dot TK System Management

[I just thought i would make an extra thread for easy identifcation]