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Face book

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True, as soon as someone likes your post or replies to it, you are f*cked, no matter what your personal settings are.
It is what social networking is all about. It is not advisable to share sensitive or too personal data on Facebook. Hackers are smart to crack your details.
Yes right. You should make sure your details are not posted on the facebook rather than depending on them to secure site.
I agree with you.The other public can see your personal pictures and videos easily and it is insure social media site.
Since its a social networking site and not a private networking site, we cannot expect a great deal of privacy. If its something very interesting you can soon expect it to be stored by someone on his/her PC.
Now a days, you can say that Facebook enhance its security and also use every means to strengthen the user privacy.
Facebook enhance it's security day by day and use every mean to improve user privacy and strengthen it.
Facebook probably gets away with it, because if one is savvy enough, one can make it more secure by ticking all of the right boxes and making everything non-public. So at the end of the day Facebook can say everything is secure. However, some of those boxes that need ticking are hidden of course too, i.e. one really needs to look for them. There is not one grand button one can tick to make everything instantly non-public. So for those who are not that tech savvy, I'd say it is everything but secure. I don't have a Facebook account in my personal name. I only have it under a pseudonym and I only use it for friends and family who want to share their photos with me, or Forums I'm participating in who like me to leave comments for promotional purposes.
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I think face book privacy is not much secure whats your view?
thanks for stating this Captain Obvious

just messing around, but yeah, it is not secure at all. If you dont want anything out there, then dont use social media ;)
What I hate most of all is that EVERYTHING defaults to "Public". Why can't everything default to private first, and then one can elect to change the settings to public? So if someone doesn't know where to find all the individual elements, like Birthday, one's Birth Date gets exhibited in bold letters every where. And one can't get away from it, as one's birth date is now a required for registration, so better to lie about it. Who on earth would think about looking for changing the security settings in the About View pane? I grappled with it yesterday under a pseudonym of course, and am really glad I don't have it under my real name. Though the way things are going pretty soon Facebook, Hotmail, Google and Yahoo will all be connected. If not already. The danger is not only Governments who want to legislate the Internet, but large conglomerates like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.
We should not share our personal images as privacy is not taken much seriously by Facebook and thus you can find your photos used for fake accounts. As it is a social networking site, sharing social data would be better rather then sharing our personal data.
I had noticed that facebook is not that secure but at the end of the day social network is to share it with friends.
Some where it's true but if we are conscious about our privacy then it's safe just need to be careful and follow the all instruction & guidelines of Facebook. In today's time every one is using facebook and it's Social Networking site so we have to be share socially few of the our Content.
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