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Fed up with WorldZone...

I can't blame WebDude? Why not? It's his service and I paid him for it. It's not anyone else's responsibility for his hosting company but his. It's not my responsibility to make sure the data center is up and running. Webdude has that responsibility. As a customer, I don't look for any excuses Webdide gives as to why the servers are down. In my eyes, he is the business, and I am the customer. He is the one who provides me with the service, and if he doesn't fulfill, it's his fault and no one else.

>> If you're not satisfied with the service, then move.

I am moving! Just waiting till I finish designing my site so I can launch it on a new host :)

And please robert, don't send me anymore spam about your hosting company through the messaging system in this BB. Thanks.
Actually you are correct Steve. You are my client, not the data center's. What said above isnt excuses, it was an explanation of what's going on and what I am doing about it.

Still, besides the Data Center's lack of support, which made things even worse, is the fact that 'something' is causing the server to bog down. As discussed in my forums, I think I have may found, and corrected the problem. That bad thing is that, as usual in this business, I wont know unless it does or does not happen again.

However, I will go on to explain what I think keeps happening. We have the wusage running for each client. There is now enough clients, that without enough Linux Swap, the wusage cannot run properly. This can cause the server to bog down. I continually adjust the swap so that things work, and someone at the data center changes it back. They shouldnt even be touching that, but this is another reason why I am moving. When I fix something, it is not the data center's responsibility to think it is wrong and go change it back, it's not their server. I did some alternate things to keep the wusage from using so much instead of changing the swap again, which would only get changed back...

[Edited by Webdude on 03-18-2001 at 09:10 PM]
Yes, On the 1st everything will be up....provided they stay up all of this week with no unexpected downtime. I have one server was supposed to be on the first of last month, that they finally got up a little after the first of this month. The downtime on it has been terrible. I was pulling out of VDI when a long term business friend of mine convince me to give vdi one more shot....which is this week and a monitoring of their uptime, as well as my server there. There is still no absolute guarantee how long I will stay there.

I will accept the recent spur of downtime at VDI as growing pains, as long as they now have it under control..
Hey webdude, I looked at your site, but the free plan doesn't have FTP. How do you upload your pages than? :confused:
Prolly a useless post by now, but I got a "Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (111) in /home/www/humanclay/home/mainfile.php on line 17
Unable to select database" when I went to your page, HumanClay.
Doing this at the moment.

Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (111) in /home/www/humanclay/home/mainfile.php on line 17
Unable to select database
MySQL downtime on WZ

Worldzone is in the process of moving to the other NOC right now. A few things have gone a little bit screwy in the process, on the old server.

(Secretly suspects the old NOC of foul play, and tampering...)