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firewall software


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since im getting dsl tomorrow i have to get firewall software too, so i was wondering what is the best? what is prefered? i have mcafee desktop firewall 7.5 burned on a cd that my friend game me a while back, is that program good? if not what would you recommend?
I use Kerio Personal Firewall... Probably one of the least resource intensive firewalls out there.
I use Norton Personal Firewall.

It came free with my motherboard, so why not use it?
I'll give a thumbs up to Sygate Personal Firewall as well :)

I doesn't work with a computer that acts as a software router though but most likely that won't be a problem.. not too many seem to anyway.
lol seems everyone is recommending something different. im not sure what to go with here...i just want something simple that will protect me and not take up too much memory. zonealarm seems to be what a lot of ppl use but are there problems with it? and what do firewalls do exactly? keep unwanted ppl from messing with your computer?
Funny... I was about to start a thread like this. I'm getting high-speed cable internet (Cox) this weekend and I was wondering what firewall software to use. Do these aforementioned ones work with cable modems as well?
They'll work with any connection, dialup, cable, DSL, whatever you have.

Just use whatever you guys have available. I used to use ZoneAlarm because it's free and it got the job done. Since I got the whole Norton 2002 set for free, I just use that now.
anyone here use zonealarm and have windows 2000 pro? i've been reading some reviews that seems there are many problems when your os is 2000 and you try and use zonealarm.
I use ZA on XP pro and the only problem I have with it is if my computer is left on for a couple days, zonealarm begins to use obscene amounts of memory
If you want something lite and doesn't take up too much ram, ZoneAlarm isn't for you. It's got a huge UI and eats up more ram and any other firewall I know of.
Originally posted by EpidemiK
I leave my computer on 24/7 and I don't have a firewall.
OMG 1 w1ll h4x j00!!!!1

In all seriousness, that really isn't the brightest thing to do.