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Fraud protection


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Hello, I'm Natalie Hedo... my manager wanted me to post this here

What measures do other free hosts use to protect against fraud and abuse.

we have...
DDOS Deflate
CSF Firewall
Limit hourly emails to 15 with manual overide on justified request
Those are all good options you list. You can also use call verify with Maxmind. It costs very little per call and will eliminate darn close to 100% of fraudulent orders.

The 15 emails per hour is absolutely ridiculous. Most companies are around 500+ emails per hours. 15 is just silly.
I agree Maxmind is good, but hard to justify for free hosting registrations based on the costs.

A custom abuse detection system would be better in the long run
I agree Maxmind is good, but hard to justify for free hosting registrations based on the costs.

It's hard to justify the $0.005/query (Yes, that's 1/2 a cent), but it's easy to justify running a $300/mo. server and letting people use it for free?

I don't understand the logic there.
i agree Maxmind is the best fraud protection , but watch out your CPU load and mysql load, for free host, some of the client may overuse the resource
if you aint got the money to pay for max mind. go ahead and buy some skype credits and do verification calls. if you unable to do call fraud checks then check if the customer provides a valid address and do a look up for the IP address for proxies /VPN and also do check on its email address.

this cannot ensure that you be safe from frauds but its better then nothing,
A few more things to add to your list :)

  • Suhosin (for hardening PHP)
  • ClamAV
  • Maldetect (these last 2 for scanning your server for malware uploads)
Fraud Hosting...

Thanks for sharing some free fraud web hosting service provider.
I may not be beneficial to go for Free hosting... Sometime you have to pay very hard. Because any hosting service provider can share your private data with other. Like you data of email for Email marketing and so many other ways are their.
So have to be care full for these type of trap.