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Free Anonymous Surfing, Search, and Blogs


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Visit My Site: http://www.spiralfive.com/

- Free Search (by google)
- Free Anonymous Surfing (see link below search)
- Free Blog*

*the blog site's frontpage is not yet up, but you can still visit http://blogs.spiralfive.com/ to create and login to your blog. Adult content is allowed. I'm working on fixing the URL's (currently http://blogs.spiralfive.com/?u=USERNAME, should be http://blogs.spiralfive.com/USERNAME). It's a problem with my host. Let me know what you think!

I also have a blog up on the site, at http://blogs.spiralfive.com/?u=spiralfive. Click My Ads and visit my other site, WebmasterNoobs.com and make posts. Thanks.
I think it all started with SurfProxy.net, then people (like me) saw how easy it is to setup (unlike CGI proxy or any other one) and thought it'd be a good idea. I think mine looks the best right now, and not just because I'm trying to promote it. :)
Nice design :) Yours will stand out amoung all the others.

This always happens, first there was loads of free phpbb sites, then image hosting sites, arcade sites and now proxy sites.

www.surfroxy.net used to be mine :p
I like SurfProxy.net also, and it was mine to. The only thing that I don't like about it now is the fact that the options on the bottom are hard to read because theres no lines anymore. The cells should alternate between EEEEEE and FFFFFF, or perhaps add grey lines between them? I dunno, but I think mine has a more refined look. Also, the only ad on mine is the one on surf.spiralfive.com. If you do use mine, please click on the ad at least once, to help support my site. Thanks for the comment.
yes your design does look very nice, although i think it should look more like http://www.spiralfive.com/ (home page) with a +/- button for features. Simple is good :D

P.S. Google will ban you and take all your adsense money if they find out what you are using the ads for.
Well, it's not actually "on" the proxy page. It's on the transition page. The AdSense for search box now has news, so it meets their TOS.