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Is it ok if the host require you to post at their forum in order to get free hosting?
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Lol, could you add some more information like the amount of diskspace that you need, how much bandwidth you need and what you want the hosting for?
Media Colt Solution offer:

100 GB Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
100 each futures.
Control Panel: Direct Admin

Check my signature for link.
Why wont you try before talking.
Oversell in activated.

Some of them use 5 MB and other 5 GB.

Whats wrong in that?

In the posting rules, they say that you are not allow to sell unlimited, not 100 GB, soooo ..... get a life.
Sander, the size of that plan would be acceptable if it was ad-driven. Limiting factor in that situation would then be the server's endurance under sustained high traffic.

But it probably would come with a fairly thick terms of service outlining all of the possible ways that clients who do not earn back what they use can be eliminated, and overselling the server would be absolutely required to make it all work.

The fact that it is an adless package means that there is no way of earning back the operating cost, resulting in an unsustainable plan. Nearly unlimited plans like that are currently under review as they tend to draw customers into them with offers that nobody can effectively compete with only to dissappear after a few months when the host goes bankrupt from all of the clients they lured in.

I checked out your forum by the way. Though you've been on FWS for a while, it looks like you just got started in the business. I wish you good luck with it, but offering hosting plans like that will get you in trouble in the long run.

As for this thread, I have a feeling the OP won't even bother to look. They've yet to verify their email, or post any additional info. In effect, this thread was probably a bot posting.