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I am looking for hosting for my graphics site! I need about 50+ meg space (for starting) and about 5+ gig bw.( for starting ) I will most likey need up to about 500 meg space and 50+ gig bandwidth. ( i dont know if I am over estimating ) I also need a very stable host.

My site will be a web graphics site, offering tutorials, addons ( like brushes and stuff ) that have been donated, some contests ( like 'best banner' and 'most refers' ect. ) graphic requests, graphic talks, and preety much anything that refers to web graphics! There will also be a community forum for tutorial submission, graphics submission, ect.

What I like:
I like a host that talks fluently with there clients also, so that the host is more of a friend than a host. For hosting, I will also do some work for you if you need it, like getting sales and such. A host that offers paid hosting is a real thumbs up for me, so that I know that they have reason to sell hosting!

Domain Name:
I do not have a top level domain, sorry, so I will have to go with a /you or subdomain...

I'd prefer not to have google adsence, unless it is either your only resort, or you'll be happy to get me a top level domain name ( you'd be the best host if you would be open to purchase me a top level domain ). If you do purchase me a domain name ( which is only $5 at yahoo now dontcha know ) I will be happy to have more ads on my site if I get a domain name, to show gratitude and to help you get sales!

If you are willing to host me, the follow may concern you!
Site Information:
Name: Josh
Username: scd
Password: (please pick for me)
subdomain: scd.__________.____
/you: _________.____ / scd
if bought a domain, please mention when you contact me!

Contact Information:
Name: Josh
Email: Issicles@Gmail.com
AIM/AOL: STJ MG Balla 20
MSN Messenger: Issicles@Gmail.com

Note: I am on AIM a ton, MSN is preety frequent, and I check my email often enough

Thanks for reading & Best regards
Why not get a uni.cc or some other free domain name, if you get that we might be able to help you the site sounds a good idea. A small button ad and a sales pitch or two would definately earn the site :biggrin2:

That way you get a full blown account and not just a sub, you can see what we do at http://www.ctrl-alt-deli.com have a look and let me know if your interested or just mail sales @ and quote the thread address that's in the address bar.

Also many of our clients have became our friends, feel free to ask at the forums as a guest about that. We prefer an easier going approach but also with a professional edge to it.

Best Regards
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Oh dear, lilgee, I'm guessing HostGool did read and made an offer.

So you don't want representation outside a paid for domain name then, and Gary13579 yes they are all TLD's he just gave an example not a full list.
Quackhost.net can offer this:

http://quackhost.net/sign_up.htm - the plans are under the form. (trying to save space :))

Ofcourse you'll have to post 10 times, easy if you need support lol, or put an ad on your site. If your not interested in either of those we may be able to work out a deal in some graphics I need made.
Why we do not accept .info?

somebodies, register many of this free domain up to 25 and register to host all this domain, then thay do not use any of this .info domain.

this waste other members time and our time, so will push us to provid a bad service and support :)
i like hostgool, I would totally take your hosting, but I dont have a TLD, sorry... really would like to, but money is a problem and so is a Credit Card :cry2:
lilgee said:
i like hostgool, I would totally take your hosting, but I dont have a TLD, sorry... really would like to, but money is a problem and so is a Credit Card :cry2:

Thank's lilgee
Ok, you may accepted if you will provide good website contents and text-rich pages. :classic2:

if this will be realy great useful and related to web graphics and templates, i will can provide you hostgool.com/graphics and graphics.hostgool.com
(order and remeber us in the order subject). :)

if you need a LTD domain and you do not have a CC we can accept moneybooker to register your domain