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Free hosting request


New Member

Between 50 - 100mbs Space
Bandwidth Unknown...Not very much since it's not a very high-traffic site
99% uptime
A server/host that doesn't disappear
A server/host that does answer questions promptly
A server/host that members know about known downtimes/maintenence/ect
At the very least 1 mySQL database
cPanel or equivilant
FTP capability
Prefferably no-ads...or at least no oversized ads...textlinks would be most preffered if at all.


Currently offline due to previous host having massive downtime/not contacting members about problems/not answering questions about situations
Is a fansite containing mostly fanfiction/art, profiles, and more.
Is a domain name.

What I can and/or can't do in return:

Advertise in my signature/about page of my site.
I lurk in forums more often than I post (I post but it's like ...1 or 3 times a week...unless it's a topic I like)....I almost never post often enough to meet the 'quota' for most post-for-host sites/servers
I can install/run scripts most of the time (there are just some scripts that don't want to work for me no matter how I follow the install instructions to the letter).

Any Questions/comments will be replied to when possible. Thanks for your time and patience.


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Dear User,
I can suggest that you host in wherezhost.org,
We got great uptime + support + reliability. we offer post to hosts offer but the posts is only small so don't get discourage.

To See Our Plans Go Here.
Go To The Hosting Forum To Request Now.

1.No warez allowed. Hotlinking is allowed but only to music.
2. No adult content allowed.
3. Must not spam anywhere in the board.
4. You must not use your space as storage.
5. You must not take the ad's of your site unless the admin has given you permision to do so.


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PixelFrag said:
We require forum posting but I think we are what you are looking for

Is it just 50 posts and that's it or 50 new posts per month? I ask, because as I mentioned, I hardly post on forums at all...and sometimes it could be a few months between my posting anything at all on a normal forum (if forced to post, then I'm affraid I'd be doing alot of SPAM messages)....