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Google adwords

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sander k

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Do you use Google adwords?
And then I mean, do you pay Google to put your ads online?
Does it get you extra clients?

I have done this once, Paid 160 euro and only got 2-3 new clients, its a waste of your good earned money if you aks me.
I used to use adwords way back in the day.

I don't currently because it is not effective for me.

It all depends on what website you have. For example, for a free hosting site it is not effective.

But if you own a paid web hosting business then adwords might work for you.
Although I don't believe in Adwords (but I haven't tried myself), i'm willing to give them a shot.

I guess it also depends on how your ad is phrased - it has to catch people's attention and stand out from the others. This applies to all forms of advertising.
That is science and if you want your money work for you you need to read a lot6 of articles about that and chose the best keywords and create unique ad per each keyword. Now you can even find firms offering this kind of services
Adwords for hosting is tough, the keywords are very expensive. I use it for some other sites and get decent results.
You're Absolutely Correct

You are correct they make me sick in terms of cost, however they have fantastic analytical tools. I advertise free.
Well, it all depends on how you frame your ads, keywords you use, what location you choose and many more things.. you need to do your homework before you invest in Adwords..
I have seen many ppl who have been benefited with Adwords !!
Adwords are quite complex, the more impressions you get and the lower the CTR, you eventually have to spend a pretty penny per click just to get your ad shown. Trust me, I know the hard way, £3.45 a click today.
I agree with everyone here, it wasn't that effective.

They gave me a free $100 trial bonus and it wasn't that effective. Ended up with a few thousand hits and most did not do anything on the site. Out of that, only a few signups.
We did the $100 trial too. We saw the incomming traffic, but received NO business from it what-so-ever. Once the account was drained, we just forgot about it. I can't justify spending that kind of money with so little results.
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