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Hello, I have an Unrealistic Request, but it's worth a try...

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Hello, I probably shouldn't be here at this forum anyway, because I'm not legally old enough I assume to access most forums. I will be in a year, however. I know this sounds crazy and unrealistic, but my request is to please have a free domain. I wouldn't mind having Google ads at all, and all I need are NS servers, I can find free webspace with domain hosting easily. I know how stupid it sounds to want a free domain when they're typically $3.99/mo. at the cheapest.

If this is actually possible, I would very much appreciate you emailing me at lupus2k5@gmail.com and informing me:
-where the Google ads will be placed
-whether or not there will be popups or Flash advertisements
-when the domain expires
-if you require more information

If you require to know what I want as my domain, I would like "www.unlfree.net". I want unlimited subdomains if possible.

My domain I am requesting is for building my Web site known as UnlFree, which is a web hosting provider itself.

If you can fulfill this, I give you my thanks, as I know not what else to give you.

If not, thank you for reading this.


PS- I know I'm only 12, but I know advanced HTML, PHP, CGI, Perl, C++, JavaScript, VBScript, and several other languages. I'm not a stupid bratty snot-nosed kid, okay?
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I must say that a free reseller and a domain (which is what your looking for) is pretty tough to come by these days, although I can really understand that you being 12 and all, that's what your looking for.

You seem like a pretty smart kid, so if anyone is willing to help this kid out and get his start, please do. I know alot of us had to make our breaks ourselves, but let's give this kid the start we couldn't get.

(I can't provide resellers at the moment or else I'd give you your request.)
Thank you for the comment. I know that they are hard to come by, but I've been searching for a free domain for over 2 years now, seriously.
Again, thank you.
You say that domains are about 4$ per month. Im not sure where your looking but you can find some for about 8$ per YEAR. Maybe you could ask to borrow your dad's credit card and pay him back?
No offense, but trust me, if my dad would let me do that and have me pay him back, I'd have done that last year.
Wait a minute... are you really 12? You seem like the most mature person on this board! LOL... I may have a domain laying around that is useless... contact me.
awww cmon you help him out when im about 12 to? My bday is 12/30/1993 and i am very mature i have held a reseller postion for like 1 year and then they took it away from me when they found out i was 12...im in your same situation man...and good luck getting one(i also need one)
yeah, well you think i would have stayed at this site if they found out i was 10 when i posted that
It's against the law to do it for children under 13 im afraid, even with general free hosting. Quite sad.
That 12 year old, not only had the most clear and concise grammar, but he didn't use one internet shorthand word around! I'd give him stuff just for existing.
lol well i became accustomed to doing that kind of stuff...so well i guess im back in the hole WAY DOWN
you can bend the rules sometimes...i mean this guy has ben searching for 2 years...just give it to him...
Unfortunately, I run an LLC over all, take in, well, a comfortable amount of money yearly... it's my life, mortgage, and kids' education. COPPA
hottweelz said:
Unfortunately, I run an LLC over all, take in, well, a comfortable amount of money yearly... it's my life, mortgage, and kids' education. COPPA
i lost you at LCC
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