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You're not safe.
Hey /fws/,

My previous host I entrusted with has started to fail and currently I'm unable to pay for hosting so I was curious of if anyone had anything to offer me.

I need a cPanel reseller.
3-6gb space
7-13+gb bandwidth
25 accounts.
-Softaculous(sp?) would be cool to have

Now, the purpose of the request is that, I need a reseller to provide a multi-domain system in an easier way than cPanel offers. For me and my a friend of mine. (Hes cool tho, one site, not busy. easy.) Anyway, almost all my domains in the whm will be a locked off homepage as seen here (different text tho) http://kolgames.us as my domains are used for development.

(Put simple (if it wasnt), I need it for my many domains and my friends 1. Only a few sites will be visable as most are development)

I cannot post, but I will put a linkback or ad on the lockout page and possibly a linkback in my scripts.


ps. i'm baked. wanna cookie?
Sure Rsmiley, I would be happy to help you on one of my cPanel vps's

Contact me on my new MSN (not the old one you have for me) at johnnyd@johnnyd.me
Mines free

Quality hosting costs less than $5 per month. Sell a J, make a few dollars and buy some real hosting. Skip a trip to McDonalds for one time. Skip buying a few sodas from the vending machine.

I have no sympathy these days.
Who's to say i'm not gonna upgrade in the near future? Eitherway, its been decided that this is more temporary than permanent so I can simply finish a couple scripts without risk of downtime and data loss
Opps, That was for a other fourm.

Well, sorry for that but if he still wants it he needs to contact us i cant list a public plan for this.

The rules of FWS state you must publicly list a plan. You are not exempt from those rules. Why do you think you cannot publicly post your plan?