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Hosting needed (if possible)


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Is there any site in the world who'se offering VB imbeeded hosting?

I just built a "experimental" website. Im willing to invest on it, but not too much for me to buy a license from Vbulletin (yet). I've seen several hosting site that's leasing IPB on their webhosting package, is there a webhost offering the same for VB? Coz if so, i will be very interested.
I can guarantee you that won't happen. If you want vBull, you'll need to purchase a license.
Well pay me $200 a month and ill do it lol joking i dont think anyone would do that just use phpBB and then when you make money from that upgrade to VB.
Yes, you might aswell just use something like phpBB at first just to see. You don't even know, maybe the site wont go as good as you think. Afterwards just contact me at egortarabasov@hotmail.com , and I can try and sort something out :)
That board is not free also. Try phpBB or phpBB plus for right now and you should be fine. If you would like some hosting with that please don't hesitate to ask! :)
rosmatis said:
Hello I can offer you that in 1GB space 10GB bandwith for $10 + the forum or 2GB space 15GB Bandwith for $20 or any other which u would like all with cpanel.

HAHAHAHAHAHA:lol: :lol: :lol: Thats is the sillyest offer i have ever seen.
we have been experimenting with pricing structure for leasing vbulletin. Do you currently have a forum up and running or will this be a new project?
We Can offer you;

1.5GB Space (1,524MB)
25GB Bandwidth (25,024MB)
Unlimited cPanel Features
99.9% Uptime
24/7 Lightening Fast Support
Fully Managed Hosting Account
With vBulletin license!
All for, 135.00$ PER YEAR!
if you want an IPB license 125.00$ PER YEAR!
Both come with a 20.00$ actv. fee

Because, this package comes with vBulletin/IPB, contact me to order!
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Yes, a one year license though. If he/she renews his/her hosting for the next year the license will also be renewed. I also forgot, if you want to purchase a IPB license hosting package from me, you'll be given a costum made TOS. But, you can read all about that when ordering.
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Paradise Hosting can also offer vBulletin or IPB 2.x with your hosting plan. Please contact us or let us know how much space and bandwidth you are looking for and we can custom fit a plan just for your needs.

Be careful when dealing with webhosts that offers vBulletin or IPB with their hosting as they may be pirated. It will be best to get the software yourself from the respective websites.
Maybe the hosts can contact me with their license verification for vBulletin. I will need License number, name and email address associated with the license. If you are not prepared to do that, please delete your offers.
Can't a host use the money they're clients are paying, and use that money to buy the license?

And, no I would be offering IPB/vB recent/latest versions.
yes but she is just making sure that everyone is using legal licenses. there is alot of piracy these days and it is a good thing. I know I always have a few vb licenses hanging around and I was thinking of a way to lease them out on a monthly basis