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How do you handle your support requests?


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This is mainly to free host`s staff really.

I got a question from a member on my site yesterday wanting to know why we only offer hosting support via forum.

Gave them our reason, such as faster time response, other members could help etc etc.

Whats your methods of support? and what have you tried, I`d be interesting in reading what you guys do..


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I used to do Tickets but the problem was 90% of people went through the ticket process and the other 10% did not. So I felt what is the point in logging into a ticket system when I am already logged into my Synced e-mail -- I offer e-mail support. It allows me to handle support from anywhere, mobile as well, where as forums are limited in that aspect (mobile).



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We do forum and alot over MSN...Well used to. We mainly use the forum now since i'm usually busy so I don't always remember things what I get asked to do. Alot of members really apreciate talking to the admin(s) over MSN/IM etc. It's a nice thing to do.


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Well, in means of supports, we either offer support over the phone, e-mail or a bulletin board. We're going to start up a ticket system soon.

We thought about live chat but...it didn't seem like a good idea, nor did IM support (although we might come back to this idea because alot of clients have IMs), according to our advisory specialist.
However, we try to use whatever method that we can get to the quickest. Phone and e-mail seem to work out for us.
At one point of time BNexxus got high tech and we started having e-mail notifications sent as txt-messages to our cell phones. :D But we sorta got flooded one day.


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I would not recommend MSN support, Once people get you MSN they can do evil things with it


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yea forum based support is one of the best support, if not the staff there will some else to lend a hand but the problem i have seen so far is that, most User's use the PM system and once a staff login, he will be greeted with 10-15 PM which is hectic.


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I do it the old fashioned way and just do email. Its a lot easier for a one man team [me] than doing tickets or forum