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how do you withdraw e-gold payments to your bank account?


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I use VMI too I'm actually a reseller of that cards :idea: Please PM me with the exchange you use .. I use one with 3% + 3$ fee . What's the fee of yours ?
I'm a reseller also, so? And I would never change exchangers, i've known him for a long time and I have trust i've put in him is big. I usally make $500 dollar exchanger per 1 time. Anyways I guess you don't want me to babble on. The website is http://virtualmoneyinc.com. and e-gold fee is $3+3% as mentioned above. if anyone is still reading here is the fee breakdown.

Self Load (Wire Transfer) 4.95
Lost Card Replacement 15
Card Deactivation 1.00
Account Dormancy 3.00
Monthly Account Service Fee 4.95
PayPal to Card Transfer 3.00
Card to US Bank Account Transfer 3.00
Card to Card Transfer 3.00
ATM Balance Inquiry/Denied Inquiry 0.50
ATM Withdrawal - Int'l (Denied) 1.20
ATM Withdrawal - International 4.50
ATM Withdrawal - US (Denied) .60
ATM Withdrawal - US 1.50
Card to Check 4.95

Anyways see ya people! :wave:

Edit *** Forgot to mention it requires 1 Color scan of ID and utility bill. Some people want to stay anonymous and choose to go though WU or exchanger ***
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Is that why you removed your voicemission post? I merged your names, maybe a ban is a better choice.


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Is that why you removed your voicemission post? I merged your names, maybe a ban is a better choice.
What do you mean "that"?
Do you want to ask me why I don't use "voicemission" address?
Because my e-gold exchange business going well and have a lot of reliable clients. This was the reason to open new web page www.e-golforsale.com.
Now I use only contact (aattt) e-goldforsale (dootttt) com address to communicate about e-gold exchange.
Of course, you can ban me if you don't want to see the truth. Ban online it's like kick in real. If you have power, it always works.
I don't have a power here, but you have. Do whatever you want, Jan

contact (aattt) e-goldforsale (dootttt) com
e-gold for sale here - www.e-goldforsale.com
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Maybe you had better answer the allegation above then.
This is the why I asked him to send me the payments details. It's really tough to find this transaction, especially if nobody complained about it. May be it was my mistake and I'm ready to fix any problem. To be honest with you, it looks like competitors games, nothing else.

contact (aattt) e-goldforsale (dootttt) com
e-gold for sale here - www.e-goldforsale.com
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A $1500 transaction you can't find I think would be hard to believe, you do keep account records don't you?

If it's a failed transaction you should still be aware of this, being the receiver, and it's also sad the 'buyer' has come here to complain.

Personally I'd be at your door (wherever you are) for that amount and 'require' the full amount plus expenses chasing it.


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I'll second that, I would also bring a bat; these records you're required to keep.

Also, I don't think you should be posting in a public forum to resolve this "issue" you should be contacting him personally.


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Guys, you are right. We do have all our records, but nothing about "that transaction".
To say "you stole my $1500 US" it's more than serious....We want to fix this problem.

contact (aattt) e-goldforsale (dootttt) com
e-gold for sale here - www.e-goldforsale.com


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So have you contacted the buyer directly?

Having looked at your site it is very 'bare' no T&C's nothing to help the client.

As you are prepared to accept large cash transactions which juristictions do you fall under?

Your WHOIS is bad. Bad contact information for a site dealing in monitory transfers.

Domain Name.......... e-goldforsale.com
Creation Date........ 2007-04-02
Registration Date.... 2007-04-02
Expiry Date.......... 2008-04-02
Organisation Name.... Alex Paz
Organisation Address. 1345 klgfykjg
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Flkhj
Organisation Address. 60754
Organisation Address. MI
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... Dlgh Tljvgkghc
Admin Address........ 7845 Thkgk
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Tkjjb
Admin Address........ 6878754
Admin Address........ NJ
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... +1.5678923456
Admin Fax............

Tech Name............ Fuytrure TechContact
Tech Address......... 45 Ypuiohlu
Tech Address.........
Tech Address......... Fjkthfjtrd
Tech Address......... 608645
Tech Address......... OR
Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
Tech Email...........
Tech Phone........... +1.1234567867
Tech Fax.............
Name Server.......... ns1.bluehost.com
Name Server.......... ns2.bluehost.com

I hope 'bluehost.com' will be advised of this.


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Hmm, Looking at that whois its a bit of a joke
If you dont want to have your details made public pay a bit extra for spam protection that way the host will be the contact and your get FW everything....
Thats bad enough, But having fake contact details is worse and also against the rules of owning the domain!
+ when your asking for the trust of 50+ USD you really need the correct
If you are to scared to make your details public its mostlikley for a reason eh?


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'Hey you wanna buy gills - I sell you gills - they be here in 2 weeks - I need lungs now and do gills then.......'


"bluehost" i seemd to have heard that name before is he from around these here parts?

Once i was checking into doing e-gold as another form of payment service. But it seemd that those paying thru this source do not really have to place alot of info about themselfs. Really bare bones info and would be hard to track down if something went wrong.

Please correct me if i am wrong since i had opened a account and this is how i gained the info about what a person needs to place to open a account. Maybe its differnt when a transaction goes thru.

and yea that "whois" is super freaky and seems just wrong.


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e-gold is an okay method and is backed up by actual metals (gold, platinum, etc) Banks etc (including PayPal) rely on your trust.

Don't knock it but be aware that you have to monitor your own business.

If you think it's all done for you get a book and sit in a corner, and live there! That's all you can do if you don't take care of your own interests.


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Sorry to barge in. I found this thread when I went looking for Alex Paz.

I run an independant digital currency exchange service. A stranger contacted me this morning asking if I would help him get his money back from a scammer.

From: b****3@aol.com
Message: I sent money to e-gold agent in deerfield, ill via western unon. now I
have no goods and no working phone number and no response to e-mail. is there any
way to track? or get in touch with agent and/or reciever? What are my recources?
Police, Internet fraud? FBI?
It's not my business, but I like to be helpful. I'm a staunch supporter of e-gold and don't like to see scamming. This is what I found out.

Alex also owns exportorg.com The whois details are a bit more revealing than for e-goldforsale.com

Admin Name........... Alex Paz
Admin Address........ P.O. Box 8
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Highland Park
Admin Address........ 60035
Admin Address........ IL
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email.......... alex@REMOVETHISMUNGEexportorg.com
Admin Phone.......... +1.8473635200

The phone number is real. I called Alex and spoke with him. He denies any wrongdoing and says he can't deal with complaints unless people contact him.

One person calling scam could be some liar out to harm Alex's business, but this other complaint is very similar. Personally, I also think he is a scammer.

Anyway, I suggested that he get these people satisfied by tuesday or someone would call the appropriate police service.