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How to Delete Older Backups on Server

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I use WHM / cPanel and also hold daily backups of my accounts, but these backups are very large and use too much disk space, my question is: is there some setting or some script to delete old backups?

For example, to automatically delete backups made by more than X days.
Where is it saving the backups? You can certainly delete them manually. There will be 3 folders: Monthly, Weekly, Daily. Just delete the ones you don't want.

Then in cPanel, limit backups by filling out the "Retain ___ Daily Backups".
Yes According to me using c-panel and lean Backups plug-in that wiil helps you to delete the old files from your severs.
set a cron job with below command.
crontab -e

find /path/to/files* -mtime +5 -exec rm {} \;

+5 is equal to more than 5 days you can change it as you like
Very Simple if you go to their Control panal have video look at this and solve your problems. otherwise use your common sence. When we delete any thing before remove we select the files then trash. i hope here is one option that you can use delete your files.
Another pointless thread bump...

Also, why use the recursive and force flags if all you're doing is removing a single file?
It is very easy to manage the server backups in windows system. Windows server backup will automatically manages the disk usage. The windows server backup will automatically reuse the space which is occupied by the older backups when creating a new backups.
Whenever I use to delete the older backups on server, I have to give a command to delete the older back-ups. The command you have to follow to delete the backups are:-
Delete shadows OLDEST <BackupStorageLocation>.
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