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How to shorting URL


New Member
I have some website, and I create them with pure HTML. These all website are Web Gallery, and all made by hand (1 by 1). Sometime this make me mad, I have long url to type.

Then, Im thinking, how to create this with short one. Sometime I should type domain.com/gallery/images01/index.html

Anyone can help how to create a php file, I mean just add this to the root /www/ then config all.. and then it will be domain.com/index.php?id=1 or something like that <I dont know> :) Without to change my whole path of directory of my website.

Or just give me instructions where can I learn that code by my self.
I really need this. :))

Any help will appreciate and sorry for my English :D
you can use javascript for your gallery. check out my site or just my portfolio http://www.methodcomptech.com/samplework.html and you can see how it works. i use a javascript file that controls the entire portfolio and i just enter the name of the oriinal file. in the code, there is a way that it dirests the web site to look in a file named frameimages/photos for the pics along with looking for that same directorie+filename+_thumb for the thumbnail pic and it know in the code to look for frameimages/methodalbumfunctions. i can give you the code to create this if you would like. email me at jstgermain@methodcomptech.com and i will send it if you like how it works.
webfangled : Yes... you right. Im using other software similiar with XARA, to create images gallery.

For Javascripts, Maybe I should try this :) Just wondering, because my site about furniture products, and I'm afraid that search engine wont indexs my site for long url. Also, this seems to be bored when I see my long long longgggg..... url :(

Well... How about using PHP with command "include" file???
or you can just do .htaccess redirect - look in cpanel or put

RedirectMatch permanent ^/index.html$ domain.com/gallery/images01/index.html

and make that a .htaccess file and upload it into /gallery file (correct me if im wrong - im new at this htaccess stuff)