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I need better hosting


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been up for about 2 hours and had 69 unique visitors,
ive tried over free hosts you all mentioned before but there just no good for what i need and i really dont want no big ugly banners, pop-ups are fine

see post below for what i need :)

if you want to host me mailto:da-bazz-man@verycool.co.uk
or if you know a good host for what i need (without a big ugly banner) let me know ;)
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i got a mail saying some-one had replyed put ther is no reply here :confused2
any-way incase you thought there is no point hosting me i am actually going to turn this into englishfootball.com and then when the new season starts it will be a premier league site too,
upto there has been 100+ unique visits to my site and i put it up at about 11pm last nite,
just to refresh (because its been decieded we are gunna make a website for the premeirship aswell)
that this what we will need;

at the very least of 50megs (about 75mb would be best)
mysql 3.x
at least 5gig bandwidth per month
No banners -- pop unders/buttons are fine
ASP (dont have to have it)

if you know a host or want to host me mail me or post a reply :)


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Originally posted by TVN_BAZZA
i got a mail saying some-one had replyed put ther is no reply here :confused2
Yeah that was an ex member with a new user name spamming his paid service :mad:


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Try putting your site in php, I got a phpBB running on lycos and there's never banners over the php pages...:)

I also notices javascipt stays on top of the lycos banner too..

Here's the proof:


Oh, and feel free to post some messages... It's still a bit empty..:)

BTW what you think of the layout? I combined two themes and did some buttons myself.
And check out the avatars you can choose from, I managed to put almost 1000 in there..hehe

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