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I need CHEAP & BEST VPS for Running PTC websites


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I need a hosting which should be cheap & best web hosting i.e. VPS for running the PTC [Paid to click] websites.

I would be runinig 7 PTC {Paid To Click} websites

Please put your Prices
I would suggest you dedicated server for PTC websites, but for starting we can offer you following.

Premium VPS #5

» Guaranteed RAM: 3GB
» Burstable RAM: 6GB
» RAID-10 Storage: 200GB
» Premium Bandwidth: 6,000GB Per Month
» Instant OS Reloads / Reboots / TUN/TAP
» Burstable Port Speed: 1 Gig (1000Mbit)
» Dedicated IP: 2
» £69.96 Per Month

Read More | Order Now

== 4.5GHZ guaranteed CPU.
== Free Server configuration and SourceGuardian installation IF required.
== Premium control panel are available.
== More Cheapest servers available if you need less resources.

We Accept all major credit cards, paypal, alertpay, moneybookers, and liberty reserve as payment methods.
I would like to offer you our fully managed linux VPS V-2

Managed Linux VPS-2

Guaranteed RAM 640 MB
Burstable RAM 2048 MB
Raid-10 Disk Space 60 GB
Bandwidth 600 GB
IP Addresses 3
Full Root Access Yes
Uplink Port Speed 100 MBPS
QuadCore VPS nodes with minimum 36GB RAM Yes
VPS hardening, security and management Yes
VPS control panel for VPS administration Yes
Host unlimited domains Yes
Free moving assitance and data transfer Yes
Free weekly backups via large R1Soft nodes Yes
99.9% uptime guarantee Yes
No overselling guarantee Yes
Setup Fee $0
Monthly Fee $59
Datacenter Location Dallas, Texas, USA DC2

To order kindly visit: http://www.litservers.com/linuxvps.html
Good morning!

Paid to click web sites are sometimes a tricky thing to gauge what sort of environment they would work best in given the unknown amount of traffic and strain by what often seems to be large visually appealing graphics. But given PTC websites can generally expect constant growth, as you mentioned a VPS is definitely your best choice as they can expand on demand and provide you with a dedicated environment; cheaper then a dedicated as well!

With that said I can now direct you towards our website: www.bigscoots.com

I am unsure of your EXACT requirements because you say 7 PTC websites yet I am unsure of the size and resource demand. However what I can say by experience is our Scoots512 Package would be a perfect place to start and give you the ability to expand as needed.

Scoots512 would give you:

512 MB of Ram and 1024 MB of Burstable Ram.
60 GB of RAID10 Storage.
250 GB of Bandwidth.
Unlimited Free IPs which could give you a dedicated line to each of your sites as they grow if need be.
Your server will be fully managed throughout the life of your subscription with BigScoots.

This package would be priced at $19.95/mo for you and would remain that way for the life of your account. Were currently offering 50% off which is why our prices are so low at the moment.

I encourage you to at least visit our VPS offer page at www.bigscoots.com/vps to check out additional packages as again I am unsure of your EXACT requirements but a Scoots512 will give you a very stable, redundant with 100% up time and dependable environment to conduct your business as needed. There is also a huge amount of details about my brief statements above that may give you better insight into exactly what were offering you.

We remain available 24/7 with generally under 5 minute ticket support times, please feel free to get a hold of us with any other questions you may have.

Kind regards,

- Scott
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Heres what we can do for you:

Test IP:
Datacenter: LimeStoneNetworks

60GB Disc Space
400GB Bandwidth
384MB Dedicated RAM
0.6Ghz Guaranteed CPU
1 DDOS Protected IP Address
Free SEO Report
$4.75 / Month (take 10% off with "10off" code!)
cPanel + $15 /month
Order Now

This package is not on our website so if you want to order, you will need to contact us to get a link for ordering.

Good luck!
We can give you:

50GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwith
512MB Dedicated RAM (2GB Burstable)
2 IP Addresses
you can Add cPanel for $14/mo
all for $7.75 /mo

Contact us for the ordering process!
Tell me the price of both managed And Unmanaged VPS

We provide continued management free of charge on all VPS servers.; if you don't need the management, well we will still be there if you decide otherwise down the line :) We don't charge extra. We have a small client base that we focus very heavily on, we don't have the large numbers huge providers have to fend off every day.
We have read your posting and can offer you very good VPS server today that will exceed your current requirements and give you a while to build your client base without having to upgrade in the short run.

80GB Server Space
6Mbps or 1800GB Bandwidth
1024MB Guaranteed Ram
2048MB Burstable Ram
Equal Share CPU
Self-Managed VPS
OpenVZ & SolusVM
Complete Root Access
100Mbps Guaranteed
2 Shared IP Address's
Network DDoS Protection
Little or no restrictions.
CentOS™ Linux 5.X - FREE - (32-BIT or 64-BIT) ----- RECOMMENDED

$194.40 Yearly or $114.94 Semiannually

Contact us at sales@hostmy1stweb.com

All our nodes will be Core2Quads with 16GB ram and Raid 0, 2 x 500GB SATA6 7200RPM drives, Live Cloud Migration, Daily & Nightly

Backups, 100Mbps Guaranteed Port Speed, Reverse DNS Management, Centralized Multi-VPS Management, SSH / Root Access, Instant Start /

Stop / Reboot, Large OS Template Library, SolusVM Management Panel, 24/7/365 Dedicated Support Staff.

Twenty (20 USABLE) Additional IP Addresses $14.95 MONTH

Addon software:

15-day refund guarantee if we fail to provide an advertised service.

Good luck!
We can offer this:
Space: 50GB

Bandwidth: 1000GB

Guarnateed RAM: 512MB

Burstable RAM: 2048

IP Adresses: 2

It is the cheapest VPS we have, and we will fully mange the server and install update anything that you may need. Just contact us if you are interested. judhost[dot]com/clientarea.