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Importance of Hosting

According to research 2 out of 3 websites have an adverse effect on their SEO rankings due to maximum downtime and speed of website.

As these two are some important Web hosting factors which affect SEO rankings of a website-

  • Uptime/Downtime- This is one of the main factors which creates an effect on SEO rankings as downtime of the website means the period of time your site is inaccessible due to the problem in the web’s server. As search engine spiders often try to visit your site several times a day and it is important that your site has maximum uptime. So always select a company that has 99% or 99.99% Uptime Guarantee will be the best for yours.
  • Speed- search engines have this algorithm in their queue regarding the speed of a website as fast speed boost the SEO rankings of a website and on the contrary, if speed is slow then its ranking gets down. As a slow down in website always not a problem for web host company but sometimes due to the high definition images and videos on a website or due to the configuration or coding of your website makes slow down of your website. As speed is an important factor for SEO Terms.
Hosting is very essential for every business to develop. It is nothing but recognizing your website (business) on the web. Through hosting your business get promoted, and many more to happen in hosting. It is like showcasing your business. You can choose the plan based on your business type.
  • Server location and domain extension. Choose a server location closest to your target audience’s location. If targeting Canadians, get a .ca domain extension.

  • Speed. Website loading speed does affect SEO. The faster your website is, the better. So get faster web hosting with SSD, caching, latest software, cloud hosting instead of shared hosting etc.

  • HTTPS. You should install an SSL certificate, most hosting providers offer a free SSL through their control panel. So you can install it with a couple of clicks. Websites with SSL get better rankings.

  • Uptime. If your website is down and offline constantly, you’ll of course lose rankings. You may even be deindexed.

  • Other websites on the same IP. If you’re using shared hosting, you are sharing the same IP address with many other websites. So if most of those websites are spammy, your website will also be associated with “bad SEO”. You can avoid this by getting hosting with a dedicated IP address for your website only.
Importance of Hosting:

  • Web hosting helps to increase loading speed. A website with a slow loading time will rank lower in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Good hosting provide maximum uptime. If your website is down, then Google can't access the site. Hence it won't show on results pages.
  • You'll get SSL for your website for purchasing hosting. Websites with SSL get better rankings.
Importance of web hosting services for me

Having a website and making your mind take hosting services, then have a look on the Parameters as because of invest in hosting matters a lots. While looking for the hosting services these parameters should be there in your mind:
  • Downtime
  • 24-hour support
  • Pricing
  • Security
  • SEO rankings
  • scalability
A good hosting indeed matters when it comes to SEO. Uptime/downtime and speed directly affect SEO. A reliable host is very important along with fast servers.
Beyond hosting itself, many hosting companies offer optional value-adds that can upgrade your site. Here are some of the SEO-friendly ones you’ll want to see:

  • Automatic backups: If something ever goes wrong, you want a site backup you can quickly restore from. See if your host offers automatic backups for free or for an added cost.
  • SSL: HTTPS has been a ranking factor for years now. If you haven’t already transitioned to a secure site, you need to get your act together. Make sure your host supports SSL. Some even include them for free with your hosting package.
  • Multiple hosting plans: As your site grows, your hosting needs are likely to change (this is a good thing!). Eventually, your traffic numbers may be big enough to warrant switching to your own dedicated server. This transition will be easier (and cheaper) if you don’t have to switch hosting providers at the same time.
Here are the reasons why you should invest in a good web hosting for your business:
  • Increase website load time
  • Less likely to have a website downtime
  • Better security (https)
  • Frequent website backups if anything were to go wrong
  • Better support if anything were to go wrong
  • Search engine rankings & SEO
Without hosting, I don't think anyone in this world could make his/her website online for users.
Therefore, if you want to make your site visible to users then get hosting plan
There are various factors to be taken into account while connecting SEO with Web Hosting such as

Website Loading Speed
Website Security
Server Location
Automating backups
99.9% uptime