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iphone ...

Well they are around 10x better than T-Mobile, their support sucks, and I could never get a signal with them.

The phone I got with them is new (came out 3 days before I got me new contact) and its not discontinued or cheap (Carphone werehouse want £180 for it, so do argos.)

Have you ever tried 3? They are not as bad as most people say they are, most networks say they are crap, but its not untill you try them, you find out they are awsome.

I have a great deal with 3, and i've been with them for 10 months now, and I must say their service is first rate, better signal and features than most and I get more for my money with them, not had a problem with them at all.

Well what ever floats your boat, i have hated them crap signal, the worsts customer services ( i get aleast 6 a week coming to change network cause of that alone) now have a t-moblie(which i love, especially with half price rental) and got Orange which is cool, get free line rental cause i work for them). but at the end of the day if your happy with them, im not going to argue
I travel a lot.

Orange are usless in my area, it's an orange dead zone, for 7-10 miles, you cannot get ANY signal with orange WHAT SO EVER. So that kind of rules them out.

When did you go with 3? When they first started up? Well yeah, they sucked then, just like everyone else when they first started up.

Crap Signal? Wow, what are you saying? They have a MUCH better signal than T-Mobile, in my local area 3's signal is full, whereas my partner (Who has t-mobile) mostly has to use my phone as her's has no signal at all or limited signal.

Even then traveling (Weekend work contracts, etc) i've been working in London, sittingborne, canterbury. In all those areas, i've never had a problem with signal on my 3 phone, sometimes when working in sittingborne when I had my O2 work mobile and my T-Mobile personal phone, I had to use my T-Mobile as the O2 had limited signal, but even then, from the 10 months i've been with 3, makes T-Mobile look pathetic.

Half price line rental? Can it beat 75 minutes and 600 texts for £15/month? AFTER the half price line rental deal is over? I think not. My contract stays at £15 untill I want to renew to get a better deal.

Ok. Customer service is not great from the location wise, most of their support workers are not located in England, but the dealings I have had with them they have been very helpfull and know what they are talking about. I sent an email to 3 on my mobile asking to cancel an addon I put on my phone 2 months before, as I could not find (Well, I did not even look, could not be bothered to) the place to cancel it. 10 minutes later, a woman phoned me (As that is my preffered mode of contact between me and 3) and tould me how to cancel an addon myself, but then at the end said: Do not worry about canceling "addon name" this time, I have done it for you.

Compare 3 support to Orange:

me: I cannot get a signal in my local area.
orange: We cover 99.5% of the UK. We cover more than all other networks!
me: so my whole local area is in that small 0.5%?
orange: We will be expanding our coverage very soon.

2 years later. Nope, i'm still living in an Orange dead zone.
I hate to brake it to u 3 use an orange carrier signal, basically when orange signal is low it drops the 3 signal, so that orange can Live

and the half price deal gives me a £180 worth of credit with web and walk, for a amzing £17.50 with a MDA COMPACT III (over £300). the best part of it is that it is for life. i fricking love it and yes it does beat 3's half price for life :)
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Well in that case, how come my 3 mobile has had a signal for 10-11 months then? It's an orange dead zone here, has been for the last... forever.
and all the phones they sell are chep ones, or discontinued


I got a Sony Erricson K800i in July last year (Best phone out at the time) and Three (3) were the ONLY network to offer it and it started at just £15 per month for 6 months, and then £25 for the rest. That is Cheap. And the service is fantastic, especially the £5 worth of free music downloads I get each month, oh and the TV channels and the free weather, and the free movie trailers, and the free msn messenger, and the free ebay and the free video clips they offer and the.... I could go on.

And about Three (3) using other networks, that was when they first started, they did that because they didn't have much revenue behind them, but now they have many of their own masts and are still starting to put up their own and the coverage is great for me even when I'm in the countryside, wherever I go it's always a suitable signal, and always the 3G capabilities are available...

I'm a bit of a Three fanboy :p

Nice to see another happy 3 customer :D I have to say I agree with everything you have said.