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Jesse H. Eisneberg, what happened to this place anyway?

Blank Verse

It's like a ghost town 'round these here parts.

It's kinda sad, really. If you want to look at it this way, fws was the first "social network" I've ever been apart of. Now we all have Facebook/Twitter/blogs/whatever the ---- Pinterest is, but I have fond memories of this place.

So get posting, you jags, do it for ol' Blankey!
Yeah, it's been kinda dead.

I think it's because all the booger sugar is gone and Peo won't buy us any more.
Honestly, I don't see forums like this lasting too long, sadly. It's not because of the site, but rather what has become of free hosting. With Facebook and Myspace (well...not so much anymore, LOL), the need for free hosting isn't really there.

The only people who use free hosting now are from India and the rest of Asia and the middle east, and 95% of them are not using it for legitimate purposes. They want to host illegal files, spam, etc. Then you get the crowd who wants free VPSs and free dedicated servers now. It's just a complete wasteland, unfortunately.
I participated in a number of forums that are now history. Although none of them were about hosting, or even IT-related, a typical lifespan was 5-7 years.

After that, the core of forum dwellers got dissipated - for many a reason - and it was always obvious that forums live around certain groups of users. While they come and talk and keep the proper atmosphere, forum lives.

But everything that begins does eventually end.
What happened here was trolls got established in the place.

They're gone now, but the community got wrecked and hasn't returned.

At the same time, it is true that the free hosting market is in decline. Most of the activity these days in hosting is in the VPS market, and a lot of people who previously would have used free hosting are instead just making a facebook group or using some big-name package hosting service instead of building their own site.
There are to many webmaster related forums, I am a member on 34 forums at the moment.
But I only visit 2 of them every day.
Jan has been on. Seen her late at night a lot. Let me clarify...late at night my time, PST. :)
FWS is still around and doing fine, soon celebrating sweet 16. We had some server issues earlier today though, sorry about that.
When no one is here to entertain us, how are we supposed to visit on a daily basis?

Pretty sure there are lots of bots about lately. I know my signup form just got peppered with like 10 of them in an hour, and I have noticed a lot of bot-like postings to threads that were largely over anyway.

Been hitting up the report button whenever I see such things, they've been dissappearing quickly at least.
I think social media pretty much killed the internet, and destroyed the internet as a form of self expression and integrated communication. The internet is shrinking. There used to be millions of people making random websites and stuff... now the internet is basically Google, Facebook, Youtube and Wikipedia.

For what it's worth, I don't think Facebook and Blogs really are conductive to the kind of dialogue can provide.

What's most important though, is that I'd really like to be part of some kind of blackmarket underground...