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Laptop Issues?


WOw I have a title
My laptop (Pentium 133, 64 MB RAM, quite old) recently died on me. It has been working with no error for years now, and I see no reason to buy a new one. I'll try to fix this one. Its a Toshiba Sattelite Pro. Now, when I try to plug it in the lights on the front for charging and plugged in are on. That is exactly how it should be. BUT after about 2 minutes, the laptop either shuts down if it's on or just stays the same if it's off, but the lights on the front stop being on and the one on the very left (with a diagram of a power plug, the "plugged in" light) starts blinking. It hasn't stopped blinking ever since. I can take out the power cable, wait a few minutes, plug it in and start the whole process anew. It says that its plugged in and charging, and a minute later stops and the power light starts blinking orange. Its normally green.

Any help would be appreciated. I tried different outlets, cleaning the plug (both sides), straightening it out. I'm stuck here. A replacement power cable is tough to find, but if that's what it takes... I doubt I need one though, because when I first plug it in it says that its charging and plugged in.

-Thank you
Your mobo's ac/charger circuits are damaged :)

My dell has its charging circuits ----ed too, so no battery for me, only ac :(

Go on ebay, you might find the same model's mobo for a few dollars or get something a lil better for not alot of $.
Originally posted by Wojtek
Your mobo's ac/charger circuits are damaged :)
Both fried,
If you have a second toshiba, try the plug on it, if it works, its the mobo @ 100%, even if im sure right now its the mobo
same way you replace a normal mobo,
but you have to have the EXACT same mobo to replace it with, other wise it wont fit/work

1st of all, unscre the base of your lappy, take off all the plastic, take off top, keyboard, side plastic blabla, you will have to remove battery, hd, cd, floppy, whatever to get to the mobo, then unscrew all the screws and take it off, throw it in the trash, put back the working one where the old one was, put back everything back in place and pray it'll boot :)
Umm... this got fixed by the eople at WHT, but thanks anyway. The battery died and is unchargable. I just eneed to take it out.