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Looking for a host for my forum


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The host I'm with is closing down in a few days time and I have to find one very soon :nervous: :crying5: .

First of all I'm looking for a host:
1. That accept visa card (NOT thru paypal please, I had a bit of problems last time with certain hosts)

2. I'm looking for at least 500 Mb space and 5- 10Gb download ( I don't think I'm going to use that much anyway but it's nice having that just in case).

3. In business for at least 6 months already.

4. Accept adult pics, I'm not running a specific adult forum, but I don't mind if there are adult pics posted elsewhere. (Strictly No Illegal pics on my site)

5. No set up fee.

6. Under $5 monthly

Hope to find one soon, do give me your annual fee :)

Cheers guys

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Southside Designs can give youe exactly what you are looking for. The only downside is that we currently only accept PayPal. We can however work out some other billing option. We can give you...

500 MB of Space
5 GB Monthy Transfer
cPanel 10
98% Uptime! Check here.
Free Support
$5.00 a year!
Daily Backup
Free Support
5 day trial

If you are interested please PM me.

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Kieme, I can do a custom package with 500MB space and 10GB transfer at $5/month. Or take a look at our virtual hosting packages for more options. We are in business 2 years. The payment will be done through 2CO

Let me know if you have any question about our services
Hi kieme we can offer you 2 custom plans:

Cpanel ..
500MB of Disk Space
10GB of Bandwidth
Unlimited addonDomains/Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited POP3 Mailbox
Unlimited Forwarding / Catch-all Email
Unlimited Mail Lists , MYSQL Databases
phpMyAdmin, Webmail , Access , Pre-installed CGI Scripts
Search Engine Submit ,FrontPage Extensions,
Shopping Carts , Password Protected Directories
Fantastico Auto Installer( All details Here)
And all that Cpanel has to offer !
All servers have image magick/netpbm/zend installed

All for $5 a month or $50 a year

Plesk 7.....
1000 MB Space
10GB Transfer
Unlimited Subdomains
MySQL DBs,POP3 Email addresses, forwarders, autoresponders
Email lists , webmail ,FTP Account ,PHP ,Perl ,SSI
Private Cgi-bin ,Webalizer Stats ,phpMyAdmin
FrontPage Extensions
Plesk Auto installer
All for $5 a month or $50 a year . Adult content allowed on these offers ,we can also put together a customised solution to meet your exact requirements if you like , any questions contact Us !

Click Here
500MB of Disk Space
5 GB of Bandwidth
Unlimited addonDomains/Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited POP3 Mailbox
Unlimited Forwarding / Catch-all Email
Unlimited Mail Lists , MYSQL Databases
Search Engine Submit
FrontPage Extensions,

All for $5 a month or $50 a year

Maxium Hosting, LLC-- Domains Hosting, eCommerce Hosting and Domain Names and Web Design
Reliable, Affordable, Irresistible
Live Chat
AOL IM: MaxiumLive
MSN: Maxiumlive
Yahoo!: MaxiumLive
ICQ: 257295509
overulehost said:
I think your host only accepts paypal, he is not willing to pay via paypal :)
Ah NO!! WHen signing up with my hosting you can choose paypal or credit! After you click submit button after filling out info your taking to this page to pay by paypal or credit card! :)

Also i'll offer you 8 GB of space 100 GB Bandwith a month for $4.99 a month! :)
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I'm using phpbb forum btw. Will make my decision in a day or two .

Btw how much space does a forum need? Say of 100 members? I don't have that members at this time but just want to have some ideas. My requirement for a host is at least 500Mb and I'm not sure if that's too much :p . Do advice me :).

Will wait and see if there's anymore offer. As for those posted, thank you :)

I agree with Duport. 250mb should be more than enough for a forum. Bandwidth will be where you need the most, for sure. Of course, if you allow uploads like attachments or something, you might need a bit more. Generally, 250mb should give you plenty of extra space even.
Cheers guys, I guess I'm looking at 300Mb ...I won't allow any attachment at all on my forum...I'm looking to sign up for a yearly plan cause it's a hassle changing host, hopefully the host will last for a year that is :eek:

One other question, Is there anyway to verify credit card transaction besides 2CO? I was accused of credit card fraud which I certainly AM NOT happy at all when I'm a genuine customer!!

Thanks guys

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This is what Gabbix Solutions can offer you:

Custom Plan
500 MB of Space
10 GB of Bandwidth
CPanel (List of features: http://www.gabbix.com/?_p=shared)

Monthly Price: $2.50
Yearly Price: $27.00

Payment method: Paypal and Credit Card (processed by 2checkout.com)

Discounts: 3 months sign up - 4%
6 months sign up - 6%
12 months sign up - 10%

In case you were interested do not hesitate to contact us at sales@gabbix.com

Not too sure what they cost (I have their free plan and they do custom packages only) but they have EXCELLENT space and bandwidth. I have not had any problems with them at all and for $5 a month I am sure they can provide you with what you need and much, much more. Please consider them. http://littlbuger.info

We can offer you a custom package:

600 mb space
10 Gb bandwidth
Latest Cpanel
Fantastico deluxe
99.9% uptime guarantee

Price : $5.00 / month -> $55 / year

Accept Cards through 2checkout, Moneybookers, PayPal
www.hosting.computerhelpworld.com can offer you:

2500 MB Hosting
40 GB Transfer
24/7 phone support
1 Domain hosted
10 SubDomains
100 POP3 accounts
100 Email aliases
1 MySQL database
5 FTP accounts
Front Page Extensions
FREE Site Studio
SPAM filter

for $4.18 with a free top level domain. and as we accept visa, master cards. However, we do not accept pornography or any kind. Please read our TOS for more information.
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