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Looking for a host for serious non-profit projects


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Sorry for the long message, but I hope one of you can help me.

I am the creator and the manager of four websites of non-profit organizations and I am looking for a free hosting for them. These websites are non-profit projects with the purpose of increase the interaction and discussion among environmental researchers (a very serious project). Some of these sites are new, but the oldest one is working since 1998 and have already helped a lot of people.

I am intending to renew the old sites and make the new ones in a new format. The new websites are intended to work basically as collaborative systems, so they will require some basic features like a news system (maybe a blog with comments), a forum and a wiki. I am not asking you to have these features pre-installed in the system, I am just emphasizing It because more than bandwidth, I will certain need php and a good flexibility with the mysql databases.

The websites are intended to be mostly text-based and light weight - everything to make the system fast and accessible everywhere. The system will not be used to store and redistribute files, but for discussion and sharing opinions and comments. On this way, the websites will not require too much of your system in terms of bandwidth and storage space. Actually, compared to gaming or graphics sites, my websites will be much lighter.

Unfortunately one of the essential requirements of the service to be offered is not to have any type of advertisement in the website. I know that you guys just can offer the free services because someone pays for that, by means costumers or advertisement systems. However, as these sites are for non-profit organizations, which in their essence are intended to have neither governmental nor commercial links, the absence of advertisement is an essential point in order to keep its impartiality behaviour. But it does not mean we are not thankful! All the credits and acknowledgement to the host provider will be ensured in the website – all the supporters must be remembered in this type of initiative.

Please, be aware that I am not intending to move the websites from one host to another anymore. These are projects intended to be permanent, so I need a host which is prepared to supply the free service for many years.

In the end, the service I am looking for has the following characteristics for EACH website: Domain and Subdomain hosting, PHP, CGI and MySQL, and, of course, free of charge. Other extra features like CPanel and Fantastico are welcome!

The service donated by you will be reflected in the serious work that these websites are intended to do. I am also a professional donating my time in support of a worthy project.

Thank you!

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Thank you

Never ever any ads or pop ups!
Thank you guys!

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late in response!

Thank you all very much for the support! I am very glad you recognize the worthy cause of my projects offering me these opportunities.

I will evaluate each proposal and try to contact you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if someone else has any other proposal, please feel free to post here!

Best Regards,

I couldn't reach your site Crumbs (shinkaze or Ice-Webs). Is your site online?

I would like to thank all the people who offered me places to host my websites. I found a good host here.

However, I know people who may be interested in hosting their domains with the same conditions I listed above. So, if someone has another offer, I would be glad if you could post It here.


Crumbs said:

Please take a look at our Sponsorship plan and if your interested then please read or TOS and you will be a very happy person at our hosting.
If you will ever consider opening a forum for your site, which it sounds like you could use one i'd give forumer.com a shot. They have some nice skins, and they also support domain names or subdomains. Personally I'd recommend forumer to just about anyone who is interested in opening a forum. They also have a massive support forum with something like 51,000 members which I've forund very helpful in the past. If you'd like more details about this site just shoot me a pm and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.