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Looking for free manga adult allowed hosting


New Member
need hosting again :X

all same:
Looking for free, stable adult allowed manga (yaoi-shota) domain webhosting.

100-200 Mb space
~5 - 10 Gb Bandwidth
Will be 100+ unique visitors
Will place link or banner or ads on the footer.
I can offer you the following,

Storage: 250mb
Bandwidtdh: 5gb
Features: unmetered

Just place an ad placement will do.

Contact me if your interested.
Dvinity Host.net

It would be nice to add another site that deals with the same topic.
The ones offering hosting should be aware that almost all porn is copyrighted, think twice before offering anything !
You can buy shared pic sets from all over the net for 5$ same with movies etc It allows people to buy copyright to porn easy!
Of course shared being the key word
Your see it on more than one site :p
Isnt yaoi pre pubescent males?

Definitions of yaoi on the Web:
(ya-o-ee) Stories in anime or manga which focus on male homosexuality (not necessarily erotic in nature).

Definitions of shota on the Web:
Shotacon is a Japanese and anime term for a sexual complex where an adult, usually male, is attracted to an underage boy. Because such characters are usually bishounen (before or after the fact), it is classically associated with yaoi, although straight shota also exists.
brutetal, thanks I will try.

We have permissions to post copyrighted materials.

Who granted permission? And, can you provide written proof on an official letter head? Being honest, that's what I always ask for.
Mostly all shota is Japan. We have perissions from authors because they have web sites only in Japan language and English and not-Japan speaking people cant understand and navigate their sites. Also we provide all links and copyrights to theirs authors. More questions?

Don't get me wrong, but a lot of hosts don't accept the 'words only' that you are allowed to duplicate/distribute content that is copyrighted.

Eighter you have a full statement on paper from the owner of the material including copyrights or you have nothing....

Without REAL permission written on paper, you will have a hard time finding a free webhost.

Kind regards,
I may be able to host you...

But i have some questions...

Is your site CPU Intensive? Is it a gallery, or a forum?
PaulP, heh! we dont sell and dont get any money from our community and from posting of pictures. Just I dont understand one thing, why so many questions about nothing? And what do you talking about 'words only'? If one guy from Japan draw pictures and post it on his website and I send him "hey! may I repost your picts on my site with your copyright and links etc?" and get answer "yeah! why not! just send me link where it will be posted" and do I need to travel to Japan to get paper what this guy allow me to repost his artworks?

UnionDance, thanks. We had IPB 1.3. I think what I will again install it on new hosting.

Do what you like, but the hosts are responsible LEGALLY according to the LEGAL rules and regulations...

It's still illegal to distribute/reproduce copyrighted material, end of story !
Why do you think these copyright rules are for ???
Without written agreement the hoster can still be sued according to the rules.

Any hosting should think twice before accepting these kind of hosting requests...

Kind regards,

(Maybe Google it and see what I mean by my postings as for you it may sound "qustions about nothing" but the host is the one responsible for hosting the files and therefore will risk a lot)
That aside the subject matter would have to be carefully vetted to ensure the host is not in breach of their agreements with the DC and other suppliers.