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Low-Price Reliable Domain Registrar


New Member
Hey folks!

I'm looking for a domain registrar service.

I'd like one with awesome prices, reliable and reputable.

I have loads of experience with web-design and using sub-domains, I've never been in control of my own domain. Please fill me in on the basics, and what service I can use that is sure not to rob me of my money. I have a very small budget. I'm looking for the best price.

I'm looking for a .com preferably.

Thanks folks, looking forward to your replies.


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Rifat said:
www.godaddy.com, they are very popular and reputable.
Popular, yes. Reputable for bad service, random account termination, a hotline that requires you to wait 2 hours before a response and taking 24/7 support to the level of Business hours only, YES!


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OFFMason said:
I'm looking for a great price. Are they the best when it comes to price, reputation and reliable?
The First they sure are.(Because of low prices and constant discounts they offer).

I haven't had any problems with Godaddy, except they always want to trick you into buying something you dont need when you are checking out.

I have nearly all of my domains with them.


Sup, Recoil here.

Great Price: $6.99/year (accepting paypal)
Great support if i dont say so myself :)
Great reputation - never heard anybody who had something bad to say about them.


I've noticed iPower are $2.95 atm, with free whois privacy. The only bad thing is the remote Tucows domain control panel, which is pretty poor.

Domainsite is a good allround buy at $6.99 if you want reputation and price.

GoDaddy is overpriced and use every bit of spare space on the screen to try and upsell you. Stay away from them, they suck.

RegisterFly is good with their coupons, that they send out every week or so. Sign up and check your e-mail close to the end of the week. You'll atleast be able to get domains with everything you could possibly need for $7.99. They often have $5.50 .net and $6.99 .com's too

martin ewing

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You won't get low, price and a reliable registrar in one. You have to compromise on one aspect, either the price or reliability. You get what you pay for.


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how can I change DNS on domainsite.com ?

they still didn't answer my question and I'm not sure if DNS change is included in 6,99 price!!!

nonsense site...


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thanks but I allready bought a domain from domainsite.com

still couldn't find the way to change DNS and support continues to give same stupid answer.
i would of said get ur domain at yahoo domains u can change ur nameservers and it's fast i get all of my domains from yahoo domains and they work good.


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sense said:
how can I change DNS on domainsite.com ?

they still didn't answer my question and I'm not sure if DNS change is included in 6,99 price!!!

nonsense site...
Ya have ta unlock the domain in the control panel. Then a new set of options will show up, including change DNS.

Took me awhile to figure it out myself but it werks now.