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Memory sticks question


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I have a Gateway FX510X and I upgraded to Vista and I want to upgrade the memory on it. It says it uses PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM. I currently only have 1 GB. I want to maybe upgrade to either 2GB or 4GB. It allows up to 8GB. What price range should I look to spend? Anyone know of a good site to get them from? Thanks for any help.

I'm running Windows Vista 32-bit.

Is this a good deal?
You should also link to the model as well when asking for this kind of info, even if you know the type of memory you need: Click Here

Look at how much these things are at Best Buy (they have these too but they're SoDIMM, *facepalm*). Those prices are enough to drive one into a pit of lava. Not that it matters to me, by the time I accumulate enough money to buy a machine, they'll probably have 8 GB (or more, since I saw a 10 GB once) as a standard on more than just 5-10 computers.
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If you've got 32-bit, you can only run a maximum of 4GB of RAM, even in Vista. In 64-bit, you can run up to 8GB.
Huh? What about 10GB of RAM? I thought I saw one once. But maybe that was false advertising.

32 bit systems can handle up to 4GB Ram (3.5GB to be technical). 64 bit system can handle 16EB (exabytes, as in 16,000,000GB of RAM). Of course no system has that many slots so most systems are physically limited anywhere between 8GB and 256GB.
I just ordered my 2x2GB DDR2 800 kit for my HP laptop today from newegg (OCZ Ram) Lookin forward to Vista 64 with 4GB Ram. Only 57$ after rebate for the kit.
i got my memory today and installed it but my computer isn't recognizing it. any ideas why?

Did you buy the right type? Did you check your BIOS at boot up to see if the motherboard is seeing it?

I got mine today and installed it. 4GB on Vista 64 on a laptop with the biggest mobile processor made, mobile speed at its best.
i searched and made sure it's the type my computer uses. i haven't done the bios yet because i was installing some drivers that i needed. i'm about to do that now.

will post back shortly.
just checked and bios isn't recognizing it either. i removed the old memory and booted up with the new memory and it still said i only have 1 gb memory when they are 2x1gb sticks. i'm supposed to have a total of 3.
Cough - High Density RAM (the cheap stuff that might not work)

What did you buy and from where?
It's high density at a guess, seen some even call it 'compressed RAM', so not good, do you have the chip numbers? High density RAM only works on some motherboards, low density is about 99.9%
Density won't be the issue I don't think. TP, search for memtest in Google, download it and burn it to disc/floppy/whatever you wanna boot from. Shutdown the system, put in the modules, and let it boot from disc/floppy/ect and run the program. See if it throws up errors.