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Microsoft CEO laughs off Google OS challenge!


Why bother? ReactOS is a ripped off version of Windows, I'd be amazed if, when it's released, Windows have a right rant about it as it's basically the windows framework...
That's why they did an internal audit:

On January 17, 2006 a (now former) developer named Hartmut Birr claimed on the ReactOS Developers mailing list (ros-dev) that ReactOS contained code derived from disassembling Microsoft Windows. As a result of this, the project's developers decided to temporarily suspend access to files of the operating system for non-developers while the contributors were contacted to ensure clean reverse engineering. Since ReactOS is a free/open-source software development project, this action caused a negative reaction by the free software community. Contributors to its development were not affected by this action, and all access to the software development tools was restored shortly afterward.

Consequently, from March 2006 through December 2007, an internally conducted source code audit was carried out to ensure that only clean room reverse engineering was used. All developers were also made to sign an agreement committing them to use only clean room reverse engineering. In September 2007, with the audit nearing completion, the audit status was removed from the ReactOS homepage. Though the audit was completed, specific details were not made public as it was only an internal effort to ensure legally produced code.

In spite of the internal audit's claims to have found no definitive proof, RosAsm's developer, Betov, claimed that the most suspect files were missing from the list of files selected for the audit. In response to this, the ReactOS developers made a public statement where they "agree that the files, pointed by Betov, in the ReactOS sources [...] belong to Microsoft" but also declare that they "are in the opinion that using these materials is legal, and is not a problem." The license covering the code, available here, is the standard EULA that comes with the Windows NT Device Driver Kit, which allows the user to "modify the sample source code ("Sample Code") to design, develop and test your Software Product, and reproduce and distribute the Sample Code with such modifications in source and object code forms". It is unclear if such an agreement would be applicable to a 'clone'.

Concerns have also been raised about ReactOS more generally, because of differing definitions of 'clean-room' engineering. ReactOS could be potentially threatened by patents owing to the implementation of certain features (like support for the patented long file name kludge).

Despite all the concerns and as yet untested allegations, the source code of ReactOS has since the initial lockout remained available (and thus open for inspection).


I don't think many people will actually use "Google OS" as it just sounds like a browser to be honest.

As for ReactOS, it's been in development for years and still hasn't got anywhere really. By the time it is finally released, no one will use it as it possibly won't run applications developed for Vista/Windows 7+.


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I'm pretty sure just about any CEO can laugh off ReactOS...

Well there is a few ways to look at the Google OS, Google have a opportunity to make linux mainstream with better newbie support/driver support or they have a opportunity to just flush Linux down the drain when they release a ---- OS, Google have the money/ programmers/ servers/traffic and media's ear to flush m$ down the drain, if they want.

either way, there is already much better driver support for linux than ever before and its on its way up, if google can pull this off it will convert alot of people, however creating what they are going to to start with wont.
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I'm pretty sure just about any CEO can laugh off ReactOS...
ReactOS is more primitive than Windows98, it's still YEARS away from being anything more than a nice idea. If Google was serious they would have started with ReactOS and completed it.


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i'd use give up windows for it without any review!
really i admire all google products, they're simple to be used and so much pforessioinal, they didn't release anything with bugs/or not friendly users.

i'd just post that Google OS when it comes it'll take a huge share of the Windows market with time.

let my post here be a record for future, so when it happens i'd say (i told you so) :D


i'd just post that Google OS when it comes it'll take a huge share of the Windows market with time.
People will complain to google:

Why doesn't it run our Windows apps?!?!??!??!??!?!1/1/

Then google will put in Wine, and people will say:

How do I configure wine to run my apps?!??!?!??!??!?!?!??!11/1/1/1/11

Then google will take out wine and say: "F!ck you."