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Mirror Site .:. 6GB .:. Legal FLV's .:. List Of All Videos


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I have a multimedia site and am looking for a place to mirror some files. I currently have the files on one server (so far so good) but would like to put the files on a backup server or two. This is what I need, followed by what I can give.

I need:
Around 6GB's Space (5 is fine, but leaves no room for growth)
Allowing the FLV filetype. I use this format because it is a small video filetype that uses little space. This thus puts less strain on my hosts servers, and allows me more options ot a host. The lower video grade is ok.

I DONT need:
All filetypes. As long as .html, .htm, .php, .gif/jpg/jpeg/png and .flv are allowed. I will NOT host copyrighted MP3's or anything else illegal

I am willing to give:
Link back (From a PR2 site)
Ads (Only if the video is played off your server - I coded a php script that picks a host at random, checks if the file exists, if it does, it sets host equal to 2 or 3 or however many hosts I have, and thus ad space is changed accordingly
VIP status on my site

Since my site is currently under heavy development, I cannot guarante x amount of posts per month. I know some of you are going to say that "you cant post x amount of posts a month for free hosting. The host gets nothing in return, and thus your not going to get hosts to offer". Well, your probebly right. But ive done about all I can by lowering the resolution and using the FLV filetype. Heres some more specific stats on the videos:

Only 15 are above 50MB's
Largest is 200MB. Next lowest if under 100.
751 are 15MB's or under
I left the videos exactly as they were downloaded. I did not remove any copyrights (if there were any) nor did I add my own imprint on the videos. Thats mearly an image file over the video, not attached (see below)

Since this is a mirror, I can offer the videos to be viewed so the host can decide. But registration on my site is required (again to cut down on server resources). The link is as follows:

Live BETA: http://stereofreak69.com/themes/
Once published (If published, you will be automatically redirected): http://stereofreak69.com

Just click videos at the top, browse to a random video, and a login / register form will be available on the page. Or you can click register to the left and register prior to trying to view videos.

I thank you in the time you took to read this. I hope I have left it detailed enough for you. Again, If I could get 3 hosts to host the files, that would reduce the load on my site on your servers greatly. But hey, as of this post, I only have 22 members. So your servers will not be under a heavy load by any means.

Thank you.


P.S. Again, I will host NO MP3's, no tv series, or anything. BUT if you would like to offer me some space to mirror my MP3's, all 150 of them lol, I would be able to do as described above. Link, Ads, and VIP status.
You really probably need to be looking at paid hosting for something like this. I do trust you when you say the content is not illegal. However, from a standpoint of filesize, no free host can take that.
You really probably need to be looking at paid hosting for something like this. I do trust you when you say the content is not illegal. However, from a standpoint of filesize, no free host can take that.

I agree with TSO here. Most free hosts will just suspend/terminate your account for using to much cpu or what have you when the downloads from there server start to kick in.

Cheap paid hosting plans are probably the way to go. Or even a VPS. I mean you can get a vps with 10gb space for less than $10 if you catch the right sale
I understand. But only 1 video is over 100mb, and all but 15 are 15mb's or under. Its just the extreme cases (The ones that are "larger") that you guys have a problem with?

If that is, I could just mirror the vast majority of them, and not mirror the ones 50MB's or larger. Would that be ok?

Thanks. Im just trying to get a "fail safe" site. I literally recoded my site, and that was one of the main reasons. PHP is now an option on the site. Btw, im publishing it now.



P.S. I have made 17 dollars from ads in the last 6 months, so I would love to go and buy a vps. But I dont think you can get one for 17 dollars for 6 months lol.
Try out RackedHosting for free. I'll give you 2 free monnths of 5 GB space, 75 GB bandwidth. At least It will get you started.

Visit: http://www.rackedhosting.com/shared hosting.php

Click on RH 200

Type in coupon CRAZY24FREE.

You'll get instant setup, and you can try out the service. No prepayment, or credit card required. Try it out, if the service works well you can keep going, if not, don't worry about it!
That is a nice offer mikelc2, but I dont think I want something temporary for permenent content on my site. Dont get me wrong, its a very nice offer, and If I had the funds to continue with that service, I would. But as of now, I dont have the funds to purchase the plan after the 2 months are up.

But I am working on adverts on my pages to maybe finally bring some money in I can invest back into the webiste.

Hello Stereofreak,

Tinko Labs can host your requirements,

We can offer you 8 GB size (more just in case of huge growth), i don't really know how much Bandwidth you need, but i certainly can offer it,

We have NO file size limit on the accounts and so you can upload videos even if they were 6 GB single file,

If interested please don't hesitate to PM me or email me on tarik-abdulaziz@hotmail.com , if not you can reach me on my forums.


If you can give me a working demo of your site (the link provided is down) then I could offer you this depending on what type of ads you are offering. Please either PM me or contact me on MSN (webmaster [at] dourl [dot] com) if you have any questions.

- Tom
Im not asking for family guy hosting. I was mearly asking for a mirror site for the basic public videos I have on my site.

I have 1 currently, a Main one, but I am still looking for a backup or two.



*Revives old thread to prevent double posting*
File hosting would work. Yes, it would.

Just as long as I can put them all in one folder. Like a base URL of all files.

But also, since they will not be used any where near as much as the main account, web hosting would be fine. It will not be too resource intensive.

Im not asking for family guy hosting. I was mearly asking for a mirror site for the basic public videos I have on my site.

That's still illegal. You're also going to host Futurama?
What you don't understand though is that your hosting videos of Family Guy & Futurama, which is illegal.

Family Guy, owned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, would sue you thousands if they found you hosting their episodes/clips.

Futurama, owned by FOX & Matt Groening, would sue you even more if they found out you were hosting their episodes/clips.

This wouldn't just affect you, it'd affect the host, who'd then sue you aswell.

So, still want hosting? Knowing the above? ;)
I am currently not hosting any of that. Try to watch them, it wont work.

And lets say I do host them, how is the hosting of legal file sillegal? Its like saying a rapist cant drive because they raped someone.

I just dont understand how hosting public videos is illegal.

It's not public video, it's owned by FOX. Who own the copyright to it, if you're uploading it without their consent, you've broken the copyright act, which is illegal.
The channel that plays family as well as hulu.com both have purchased or own the viewing rights for that video. Have you contacted Fox and purchased any sort of license? If you have then I would gladly host you!

Your example of rapping and driving a car doesn't work, because your basically saying anyone who commits a crime can't drive...wrong your still driving because you violate copyright laws in the United States of America.

Its more like you downloading Call of Duty 4 from my server for free and playing it. I would be at fault for providing it as a webhost, and my client who uploaded it will be charged with copy right infringement.