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My new host is up!!!

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I just need a name. Right now it's on an IP, and our BETA testers are testing away. Everything works perfectly so far except ASP. ASP is such a bitch! :)

Anyways I will be opening up on Feb. 10, 2001 ASP or no ASP!(errrrr!)

This is what each account gets:
cgi, php, mysql, ASP(hopefully), SSI
We support ALL file types, but there is a file size limit of 2.5mb
Domain Hosting(with 4 free subdomains, more than 4 cost extra)
2GB of bandwidth (more if your site qualifies)
User placable Banners (You can pay to get them off)
22/7 tech support by icq, aol, msn, yahoo or email
Fast Connection
1 pop email account. If you have a domain you'll get 10(more cost extra)

There is also a Paid option that will get you stuff like more space, bandwidth...

That's all for now, I'll be back with more updates if I can.
Originally posted by sHaWn

22/7 tech support by icq, aol, msn, yahoo or email
What if I need help in those 2 hours that you aren't there? ;)
By the way, I wish you best of luck in your new host, it may even take out Netcabins (my favorite host as of now) some day.
coolio! good luck with your new host as that other person said.. i plan to sign up and *no* i will not use it for hosting, it will be for my personal site maybe game site peace..
anybody warez?

id set that filesize limit down to 1.5 or something like that. because as a warez afficionado, ive found that most file sizes for pirated software (technical ;\) it around 2.3-2.7 megs. so level it off at 1.5 or 2. right right? just a suggestion. id suppose that regular members wouldnt need anything over 2 megs anyway, and if they needed to upload a file thats over it then direct them towards driveway.com.
I still think NetCabins' offer is better.

60 MB
Domain Hosting
No banners yet (next week maybe)
FAST support
use have to qualify for the 60mb. Here you get it instantly. PLus yolu get subdomains for your domain and pop email accounts.
Originally posted by sHaWn
PLus yolu get subdomains for your domain

Tom told me that they'd have that setup in about three weeks, and there is no limit. I could be wrong, I was out of town a few days... And as far as I know, each NC user can have 5 POP3 emails. Do you have SMTP Shawn?

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Originally posted by sHaWn
Anyways I will be opening up on Feb. 10, 2001 ASP or no ASP!(errrrr!)

Hmm.. evilhase- see he says he wont be opening till later so no need to sign up now hehe
Awe man I've been waiting for a host like you!

I'm just itchin for a host that accepts free email adresses (all I CAN GET!!!!!!!! which means no netcabins) so I can finally use php nuke

i tried it on my home server and i sorta messed up :)

my dsl doesnt upload very fast so I cant run a server
To sHaWn


>This is what each account gets ...

Which way will cgi scripts of an user run - with uid of the user, or behalf of another uid (often "nobody")?

If the second .....


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