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Need a Host...


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I will be needing a host in the future and I'm simply speculating for price. I am currently hosted under Servage. Their service is great but I really need something in the United States rather than Servage which is based in Germany. Too bad I paid 6 months in advance.
(I need something based in the United States for fast upload speeds to FTP.)

So I need:
*MUST* Webhost must be located in USA (Preferably East Coast)
5 GB Webspace
50 GB Bandwidth? (The more the better, preferably upgradeable in the future)
20 MySQL Databases

High Speed <-- Most important criteria aside from good uptime
By high speed, I mean users are able to download a file at 200kbps+ on a 3M ISP (I do understand there will be times where speed drops from server load.)

Any sort of control panel would be fine, not a must.
Do you have a specific budget in mind, or are you looking for any offers? I can create a custom plan for you on a server located in the USA with a 1000Mbps connection, meaning you get really fast download speeds.

Also how will you be paying, Paypal, E-Gold?

That is our current specials and you can get our Enterprise plan which has everything you need for $70/Year. I understand an annual option may not be best for you, so you can always purchase this at the normal monthly price of $10/Month.

Payments will also be through Paypal, if you wish to order please PM me before ordering.

Good luck with your search.
Hello, I can offer you the following:

5 GB Webspace
50 GB Transfer
Unlimited Features
Cpanel + Fantastico/RV Skins
Free $5 Advertisment Funds
Price - $15.50/month

Extra space at $1 per 1024mb's (1GB)
Extra Transfer at $1.50 per 10GB

Right now, Ill offer the package at $65/year on special as may is almost here :).

If interested please email me at jdcomputes@sympatico.ca and we will get you the information for ordering. Also you can get our contact information by clicking contactus on our sig.

DigitalWorldHost.com can offer you a customized plan that fits your needs and is still affordable. Your account will be hosted on a server located in the US, however, our home office is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Customized Plan for y01tzkev:
5,120 MB Space
56,320 MB Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited FTP Accounts, Unlimited SubDomains, Unlimited MySQL Databases
Excellent Uptime and Support
CPanel and Fantastico Deluxe
For Only $8.45/month or $86.4 USD/year (save 15%)

This is a customized plan so please contact us at sales@digitalworldhost.com to proceed. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at sales@digitalworldhost.com or me personally at tang_tang@digitalworldhost.com; alternatively, I can also be reached on msn most of the time at tang_tang@walla.com. Thank you for your time.

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• 5 GB Space • 250 GB Transfer
• 500 Email Accounts • FREE! Software
• 10 MySQL Databases • 50 Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries


Hello y01tzkev,

How are you doing today?

At M6.Net, we have been providing quality hosting with great support for over 8 years and have thousands of satisfied customers to vouch for it. I am sure that you will have a wonderful experience with us.

According to your budget and requirements we can provide you with our Business Kit which has:
10 GB Storage Space
500 GB Bandwidth
5 Full Web Sites
Unlimited Domains, 5 FTP Logins, 5 Stats Server, Search Engine Submission
1 MSSQL, 10 MySQL, Unlimited ODBC, MS Access, Foxpro, Text databases.
2 Mail Lists, 500 List Server Members
Unlimited POP3/IMAP/SMTP, Aliases, Forwarders, Auto-Responders
Custom Error Pages, Unlimited Virtual Directories
24/7 Support
ASP, ASP.Net Framework, CGI BIN, PERL, PHP
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
99.9% Server Uptime

All this for a amazing low price of US $9 per month.

For more information on this and other plans, have a look at our Plans & Prices Page.
y01tzkev said:
*MUST* Webhost must be located in USA (Preferably East Coast)
Do you require the host to be in the US or just the server?

y01tzkev said:
High Speed <-- Most important criteria aside from good uptime
By high speed, I mean users are able to download a file at 200kbps+ on a 3M ISP (I do understand there will be times where speed drops from server load.)
Make sure you ask for a test file that you can use to get an idea of server speeds at different times of the day before making a final decision on a host. :)
The server has to be in USA, the owner of the server doesn't have to be in USA. Thanks for the speed test idea by the way.

The criteria for the server to be in USA is that my upload speed wouldn't drop drastically due to the server being half way around the world. With it being in the US, I'm able to maintain an efficient speed.
Hello y01tzkev,

If you would like to test speeds etc. then I would be more than happy to setup your account today free of charge on a 2 day trial. If you like it, you can start paying for the service. If you don't then you can move to another host. PM me if you would like to get this setup.
Hello y01tzkev,

Please have a look at our following Cpanel+Fantastico shared hosting plan:


Space: 5 GB
Traffic: 50 GB
Add-on domains: 10


$10/mo paid month
$8.33/mo paid quarterly
$6.66/mo paid half-yearly
$5.83/mo paid yearly

No Set-up Charges.

All our plans come with 14-day no-fuss money-back guarantee.

To view the list of features and to place order, please visit:

I would suggest you do your "shopping" in the "FUTURE" as prices are dropping like flies with new kiddie hosts springing up daily.