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need info


New Member
hi I need some info I want create forum (bulletin board) for my high school reunion forum, but I don't know how to create forum using program such vbulletin or phpbb, can someone help me step by step to create forum.
Also I need at lease 250MB space with php, mysql, ftp free webspace.
thank you
You could ask for a host which gives you cPanel with Fantastico which will automatically install a forum software for your. You will be left to create the categories and topics ...

You could always check:
for more info. Those are the links for two different forum software. Both Free.

vBulletin on the other hand is not free and you need a licence ....

Don't you think 250 mb is too much space to ask for ? Try making it less. More hosts will reply ...
We automatically install phpBB2 or InvisionBoard on request.

We actually have a really cool pre-modded version of phpBB2
called phpBB2 Plus form http://www.phpbb2.de which is also
available for automatic installation as well.
thank you for all information, 250Mb is too much?? sorry I don't know, I just want try to create a forum.
thank you all
colts18 said:
thank you for all information, 250Mb is too much?? sorry I don't know, I just want try to create a forum.
thank you all
Not at all! 250 MB is the size of one of our smaller account classes.

We have free accounts ranging in size from 100 MB to 1500 MB
colts18 said:
hi amz
I want sign up at http://www.clubhost.us ,but I just have free email such yahoo and hotmail, so do you think I still can sign up with free email or not?
Not with the signup system unless you own your own domain. Free email
addresses are only permitted on applications for domain accounts.

We can manually review your application though. You would need to
send all the information from your application to support@clubhost.us

I strongly suggest that you do not use a Hotmail email address though
as Hotmail consistently has very serious problems with their mail
delivery and very often doesn't deliver messages into the mailboxes
until weeks after the Hotmail servers actually received the message.
It's the main reason we banned Hotmail.