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Is it better to go with a host that has alot of customers, or a host that does not have alot of customers?
I have been doing some research over several webhosting forms, Thanks for everyones help, I cross one name that sometimes is unbelievable to see. I don't know what they do, but they must post every where, Kinda like spammin'. Webmediasystems.net must spend a load of time lately promoting thier offer. No offense to anyone, but he does not look that out of the ordinary, Has anyone used webmediasystems.net? He says that he has a lot of local customers, but what is 4 domain names? "webhosting.info". They have a money back guarantee too. Could anyone please provide some light on my situation. Is webmediasystems a good host, nuetral, bad?
I was talking to one the the sales rep and webmediasystems.net is the thier new domain name, webmediaspecialties is thier company name. But back to my other question is it smart to go with a big company or a small one? Because there is alot of hosting companies out there.
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Instead of thinking in terms of how big or small a hosting business is, you might want to think in terms of how long has the company been in business and the stability of the business?
There are both advantages and disadvantages to both. A larger company usually means that they have been around for a while and are relatively reliable. However, It might mean that the support they offer is less customer friendly. They respond to things with automated responses, which is not bad if you like fast, but basic support.
Small businesses may not be as dependable, especially if they are new. However, they can offer more personalized, one-on-one support. You are more likely to talk to an actual person when using a smaller company. Personalized responses usually means that support is a little slower.

In any case, it is EXTREMELY important that you do your homework before buying from a company. There are many scams and false promises out there.
That's good advice, runk-O-funk :)
What tips would you give for researching a hosting company? There are so many out there... :book:
was WHM-host a big company? I agree that is some good advice runk-O-funk gave. I was looking for a reseller and $3.98/month is cheap, that is why I was asking about webmediaspecialties.com. What are some good tips to find if your host is good or not?
I would recommend to first ask around. If it is a good company, someone will say something. Web hosting forums are great for this. Also, look in web hosting directories. I recommend ones like www.thehostreport.com. They offer clients to post feedback and have a rating system. They even have speed and uptime tests. Sites like that can help a lot. However, the best feedback about a hosting company comes directly from the customers. I would get in touch with one or two of them and ask them if they are satisfied. I would not recommend to do this on the hosting sites support forum. The owners could delete or alter posts to their liking.

Also, if the company claims to have certain uptimes, make them show you genuine proof. Anyone could say that they have 99.9% uptime; only a few can back it up.

One of the most important things to do before buying hosting, is to read, or at the very least scan the Terms of Service. I have seen some companies that have completely random clauses (ex. "Customers accounts can be terminated upon any disagreement with this comapny") or ones that completely limit the freedoms of its customers. I have even come accross ones that say exactly opposite of what they promise, such as denying refunds when they promised to somewhere else on the site.

As I have said before, many companies are scams. One can never be too careful.
Do NOT use Webmediasystems. I warn you against it. They recently dropped many clients and refused to provide backups or reasons as to the drop.
ive used hostcolor.com before, and they offer good stability, and fairly quick response time for support. also good prices!