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Needed: Need for Speed 2 SE

There's always the option of contacting Electronic Arts and asking if they're willing (or still able) to provide you with a replacement CD.
I feel quite strange to revive this topic but I also need that CD. I asked Wojtek for a copy.
If any other of you has it, please contact me! I've ruined days of my life looking for that CD!! :frown2:
Blank Verse said:
no no no. You don't dig up old threads to do this. You start a new one. That way, no one gets annoyed at you.

Lol its pretty cool thread cause me fan of nfs2se and i carry the cd to almost every new place i move to :).

anyways murat do u happen to do some hitman sort of jobs cause i am hiring :)

Anyways back to topic , who needs nfs2se? :biggrin2: just bombard me with pms might do it for free or some extra added cost for bw used :)
It wasn't my purpose to dig up. I just found this on google. Anyway, sorry.
I need that nfs2se cd because it will be fun playing it over the net.
And a friend of mine has a wreck which he names computer so he can't play newer games.
Would anyone (who has the cd, duh) be so kind to make an iso or some other kind of archive out of that cd and upload it somewhere?
Thank you.
NFS2se! omg that brings back memorys! FRZ2000! lol the jet car ya could unlock heheheh and road rage cheat was funny as :p

Go the old 3Dfx graphics, i remember thinking graphics cant get better than this, lol how wrong i was :p
I run the game using a glide2x.dll from dgvoodoo and looks exactly as it did on VooDoo video cards. And I could even set a high resolution. It looks great!
Yes, pretty impressive graphics for those times. :)
So, anyone.. got a cd?
Hobo said:
Blank, this is why its ok to dig up old threads.

Damnit does murat check in on fws at all now a days? Cause what use are 3 guns when u cant put them to use :biggrin2:

anyways dream ask woj, he should have my nfs2se pretty soon and wonder if he would be willing to share his bw if no i would upload to ur server if u got one .

Darn its not an installer so live with what u get :)

Sorry my filezilaa wont connect it needs a password to connect so woj, please clear ur inbox and setup a user filezilaa not able to connect.
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Offtopic: Holy crap that game is old lol. It was the first game I was obsessed with :p Always used the Ford GT90 concept or McLaren F1 :D