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Nero Vs. Easy Cd Creator


New Member
Hello I'm new and I just want your opinions on which is more reliable...also advantages and disadvantages. Thanks.
It's the only one I've ever used though. It seems stable, but you cant be running anything else unless you want some coasters for your coffee table.
I agree with Ben about Nero but i can have stuff open even if i burn something.
Originally posted by DCI
I agree with Ben about Nero but i can have stuff open even if i burn something.

I think he means you can't run any other burning software. I.e, if Nero and Easy Cd Creator are both installed on your comp, you'd get some problems.
I have had few problems with Easy CD. The cover designer is pretty sweet as well. Nero is a little more advanced, but it's also good and powerful. What will you be using it for? Just making music CD's, go with Easy CD Creator, but for all types of CD's, use Nero.
i always used Easy CD Creator and thought it was the shit, but then one day it just stopped working - completely. it crashed one day and then would just not recognise my burner. i uninstalled and reinstalled, but nothing. i was close the getting a new burner (thinking i buggered it up somehow) but installed Nero as an afterthought and there was nothin wrong with my burner, it was the software afterall. also one other thing to think about, if you purchased an ADAPTEC version, keep in mind that ROXIO have now bought the rights to easy cd creator and they don't offer much support for it as they will be (i think) discontinuiung the line....go with Nero, a little less user friendly, but more reliable all round
Nero is basically the only CD-Burner program you need. It's got all the functionality and features found in every other burning program but with more stability and speed.

Perhaps the only other burning program one would need when they have Nero installed is CloneCD. But that would only be for piraters.
I use a free one from Sony with my rather ancient HP burner. Not sure what it can't do (am I missing something?). Works for me and can't beat the price.
I use Nero... but only because it came free with my old Creative burner. Nero does work great though.
the only thing nice about roxio is the cd lable creator compared to nero's.. with roxio you can automatically include the songs, but in nero you have to type it manually, or maybe I just dont know how to use nero's, heh :biggrin2: roxio's soundstream is also nice.
Nero let's me create Video CD's that I can watch in my DVD player...I don't know if ECDC 5.0 does this but 4.0 doesn't
I have used Nero with both my cd writers : an old HP8100 ( 4x write speed ... heh ) and a new Samsung SB240 ( 40x write speed ) without experiencing any major problems.

For 1:1 copy, I use cloneCD.
The only bad thing in Nero is the lack of OGG support when burning audio CD's (like you can burn audio CD's on the fly from your MP3s).