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not sure what to do


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hey people, a quick hello from fz911
im from liverpool uk
ive just joined in the hope of finding some answers
i used to run a forum which started suffering mysql problems
subsequently i pulled the plug
i was being hosted by another forum but i wanted to go solo
is free hosting for me?
i still have the domain name and the whole forum is still there and live although most of it is closed off to the public
i was wondering if i could transfer it all over, how would i go about it, and is it a good idea to go this route or would it be better to start again
where do i stand regarding free or paid hosting, obviously its about cost for me, the forum will be hosting a few pictures etc but mostly text
if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated, i havent a clue how to do it and how to even start going about it
Were the MySQL problems due to resource abuse? If so, then free hosting is not for you. Otherwise, if the forum is just going to be small, then yes, free hosting should be fine.
There's a number of hosts here that would gladly host a small or mid-sized forum free of charge in exchange for ads or some posts on their forums. Many of them also offer paid hosting, which has no ads or post 2 host requirements.

In fact a few of my existing customers have sites that are primarily forums that migrated to my services when their previous host experienced MySQL trouble.

As long as you are using a legitimate forum software package you'd be well accommodated on almost any host that frequents this site.
If your forum grow to a point where theres not enough mysql connections you should really think about investing in a VPS. You can easily find a VPS for around $15 a month. THat will solve your connection issue. You can also try to find a provider that will offer a VPS in exchange for advertisement on the forum.

Those are just some suggestions.
Best thing to do is point the DNS to a new host and move all the files over, problem solved =)...that is of course if you have dns control of your domain name atm???

Can you provide a few more details on your situation? =)

and welcome to freewebspace.net btw, i see your a new member =)

I recommend the shared web hosting,it is too expensive for you.If you want to set up your own site,that would be a nice choice.
I would say that his forum isnt that important to him, considering he posted this over a month ago and hasnt returned since.