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Office 2003 vs Office 2007

Which one do you prefer?

  • Office 2003

    Votes: 15 55.6%
  • Office 2007

    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 4 14.8%

  • Total voters


W as in Whisky
Which one do you prefer, office 2003 or 2007?

2003 gets my vote. It's got a more old-school interface, less kiddy candy, and gets the job done as well :)


All? No, ALL!
I have 07 just because I do, but I am not sure I really would rank one over the other. I think I liked outlook 2003 better than 07, I don't use the other programs enough to judge.


I have Office 07 but to be honest, I preferred Office 2003, it was easier to use, now I have to get used to Office 07...


New Member
Left Office 2000 on the computer I left at my folks' and can't really remember having tried the newer versions, went with OpenOffice those last years.


New Member
I hated 07 when I was first using it.. but after you jump the first hurdle, everything is a piece of cake. Not a bad interface if I can say so.


07 is quite nice and the learning curve is not bad at all. Just remember to save your stuff in 03 compatible format for everyone else using 2003. The fact that they switched that is annoying

oh and open office is just crappy. It's like a lot of the open source stuff. Fun for a few minutes until you REALLY want to use it for something other than writing letters to your girlfriend or editing code for your myspace page


editing code for your myspace page
You use a rich-text editor for HTML and CSS?
What's wrong with OpenOffice? I've never had problems doing anything I could do in Microsoft Word.


I like '07. I got it when it was in beta, That no-body had seen what it could do before, And I did a poster for an assignment and was accused of cheating because it looked too professional :p


New Member
2003 all the way I been using it to long i get lost using 2007 and its gay interface. Its a load of crap 07, It looks pretty but it ends there.