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Oh yeah... About AVG...


Free Edition has been axed a few days or a week ago. Now free.grisoft.com takes you to the main avg website page, and the AVG Antivirus Free Edition has been replaced with an XX-day free trial.

Better start merging to COMODO.


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I wouldn't trust Microsoft Security Essentials any more than the legendary awful Symmantec line. Microsoft has already proven in their inability to secure Windows properly through Windows Update and through quality control that they are incapable of properly protecting their product from today's malware.

When AVG Free goes, I'll be switching to NOD32 on all of my paying customers and probably Avast for my own use.

Been wondering how ClamAV holds up.
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ill just stick to my mac. i do however have protectmac installed, and i installed it after 1 year of use, and had 0 viruses and still have none. to happy to switch to something else.


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Grisoft renamed themselves to AVG Technologies a while back (a year or so)
It's still there, with the same terrible detection rates it had before.
AVG 6 and 7 were both decent, though 7 you could tell it was weakening slightly. These two I benchmarked against the Symmantec version at the time and McAffe by connecting a known-infected removeable drive to a system that had them installed.

Symmantec failed outright, it did not detect the virus until it had already infected and done damage- and then it was completely unable to remove it. Not only that but this Antivirus behaves like a virus itself, being near impossible to remove and tampering with system internals so heavily that some user applications experience compatibility problems.

McAffe knew it was there from the start and refused to allow access to said file. I had used a very old version of this back in the days of Windows 98 and was kind of glad to see it was the same intermediate result that it had back then.

AVG found it right away as well, but it also was able to clean the infected file and return usable data.

Based on the result of that I've been using AVG ever since. But I did notice Version 8 seemed to be weakened further than 7, and when 8.5 came out I was like "Yeah version 9 is going to be garbage."

Haven't tested version 9 yet, but usually when a product starts to go downhill like that they don't come back up right away. I will benchmark version 9 just to be sure, but am leaning towards no longer recommending AVG.


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Better to use Eset NOD32(Paid) together with Superantispyware(Free Portable) IMHO. I have found many a virii using this combination then any other IS products. Mulware works wonders too.


Switched, too, a while back. I'm using nod32 in some PCs and Avira on others. Nothing really bad atm :)


All? No, ALL!
Actually, I have been using norton 2009 with this PC because I got a few years for free, and I have to say it isn't terrible. I was super anti-Norton for years because their product was absolutely horrible. This one isn't too shabby.

I hear that their Internet Security suite is pretty bad still. But the one I am using, extremely lightweight. Can't really speak to its effectiveness, because honestly I never get viruses/malware. In fact, I don't know why I even run AV.