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Pandela - 99.99% Uptime , 3 Plan to Choose , No ADS

Do you like the Control Panel?

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    Votes: 18 62.1%
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Merry Christmas Everyone
The host is the best i think so people please signup! One people One Account, If you signup again your current account will be ban (IP Is Tracked)

All plan include Flash Control Panel and
Free Subdomain Names: Yes
Hosted Domains: 1
Free Subdomains: 5
POP3 accounts: 3
Email aliases: 5
Webmail: Yes
POP3 access: Yes
Catch-all emails: Yes
Email forwarding: Yes
Email autoresponder: Yes
Detailed bandwidth stats: Yes
Detailed Web statistics: Yes
SSI (Server Side Includes): Yes
Web-based file manager: Yes
Web Hosting Control Panel: Yes
Instant account activation: Yes
Free technical support: Yes
ticketing system: Yes
Perl: Yes
PHP: Yes
MySQL database: 1
Perl modules

Power Balance(1) - 100 MB Diskpace / 3 GB Bandwidth/mo.
Space Plus(2) - 150 MB DiskSpace / 2 GB Bandwidth/mo.
Mega Traffic(3) - 50MB DiskSpace/ 4GB Bandwidth/mo.

Click Here to SignUp (Instant account activation)

Note : I Do Not Own The Host
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He did not mention about the amount of bandwidth for the mega traffic...this may not be a typo error but who cares it is still a error...
ALMOST perfect

this was an ALMOST perfect host for me (free host that is)

only thing that prevented me from using this host was that it didn't have e-mailing capabilities unless you hosted a domain at their servers

that meant i couldn't have a contact form or e-mail users their activation keys, etc..

this one thing alone prevented me from using their hosting :(
sign-ups temporarily closed...

darn, it seems they've temporarily closed sign-ups. and I was so eager to get hosted too. :cry2:

Noticed a spelling error on the sign-up page : first, instead of first. They might want to fix that, since it's really prominent and probably wouldn't reflect well on their company.

I also wonder, how on earth are they managing to keep this afloat? I see there's google ads at the top of the page, but are those enough?

Edit : I thought it was pretty cool how they tried to balance out space and bandwidth needs. This'll cater to more people without burdening the server too much. Cool move!
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Pandela Team

We are sorry, but right now we have filtered some IP zones, because we experience a DoS attack. We hope that the IP zones will be un-blocked in a couple of hours.
At the mention of a flash control panel, I went to check it out since I've been planning on creating one. The control panel is great! Who made it?
Yep, the control panel's gorgeous, as a matter of fact that was what clinched it for me. Just wondering, what kind of subdomains do you offer?

Edit : Hmm never mind, I just noticed them. They're

1) youchoose.up.md
2) youchoose.to.md
3) youchoose.inc.md,

if anyone's interested to know.
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This is the whole list of subdomains:

1) youchoose.inc.md
2) youchoose.to.md
3) youchoose.up.md

4) youchoose.pandela.org
5) youchoose.pandela.net
6) youchoose.madur.net
7) youchoose.myinfo.ws
8) youchoose.mynew.ws
9) youchoose.efhost.com
10) youchoose.safewebspace.com
11) youchoose.33host.com
12) youchoose.anfor.net

And yes... the Contol Panel is amazing and really fast.