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PC Not Recognizing USB Drive in My Computer


Chairman/CEO TMCG
Hey everyone,

Been quite a while, since I have been on the site. Have missed it.

I am having an issue with a USD Drive I bought, and after much Googling, Youtube Videos, I have been unable to find a solution that works for me. I am hoping a member here, will have some sort of help for me.

I bought a 2TB USB Drive, off the app Wish. I just got it yesterday. I didn't know it at the time, but the file system format on it is exfat. I don't know if that is the issue or the USB Drive itself is just corrupt.

I have a external 350GB USB Hard Drive I bought many years ago from Walmart, and I was trying to move the files from this device, to the new 2TB Device.

Some of the files were transferring, but then I kept getting this weird error message. I looked it up, and it was saying the the volume could be dirty or the device could be corrupt.

I tried the solutions that it provides, but none of them worked.

Then I went to Youtube, and I found a video that looked very promising. It mentioned, downloading a software called EaseUs. In the video, it said to go to format the disk, and choose the file type you rather the drive be in. It seemed like everything was working, but then something happened, and the PC made it seem it was not reading the USB Drive any longer. So, I went to unplug it, and re plug it in. When I did this, EASEUS gave me a warning message about something changing, and asked me if I wanted to refresh the info. I choose yes. BIG MISTAKE!

Once I did that, the 2tb drive will show up EVERYWHERE on the pc, BUT in "My computer" or be accessible to put files in or out of it.

I have tried Googling and Youtubing, but cannot find anything useful to help me.

It wasn't a lot of money, and I could easily order another one, but I don't feel like waiting another 3 weeks!

Any helpful advice?
It could be a faulty cable? It could also be that you have to many USB devices drawing power from the bus.
There is a set amount of bandwidth and power frovision over USB and this is shared over all devices, not just per device. USB external hard drives (usually 2.5 inch variety) can sometimes be a power hog and some come with an additional cable to help power it (3.5 inch external drives tend to have thier own separate power supply). If you are using USB hubs try swapping it for a powered USB hub so it isn't drawing too much from the system.
I guess in the end if it nothing seems to solve it then i would just get another one. I mean i would rather sacrifice 3 weeks of waiting as opposed to staying with something that started being faulty from the very beginning.
Good luck my friend. I hope that in the end everything works out because i can imagine that this must be an inconvinience for you.