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Please help computer problem

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I really need help. I have this computer that will not start. I do not get a signal to my monitor but it actually powers up (the cd rom flashes and all that) but it does not get past post either (the initailization of all the motherboard settings). I am really in need of help.

make sure all your leads are in correctly.

if any of the pins are sticking out at the sides it wont work.

also make sure the red line is away from the power supply.
Originally posted by Synergy
Maybe when you installed ur card, you accidentially losen up a ide cable.

it should POST regardless if there are any hard drives or not.

what kind of computer is this? name the parts: cpu, mobo, ram, vid card, whatever. and how old? and any idea as to how it screwed up?

what I would usually do is just try to boot the computer with just the ram and the video card (and cpu of course), and see if it posts. if it does, then place the other PCI cards in one by one to see which one is the culprit. otherwise it could be a bad motherboard, but that's the extreme case..

Sorry for saying this name but it is an Emachine (i was young and dumb)

Well 64 mb of ram. 333 cyrix processor (this might be the problem). 4 meg onboard at rage graphics. Onboard 3d sound. HSP Micromodem. CNET Ethernet adapter (10/100). And thats it. Oh it is about 1.5 years old or maybe 2
I can't concur that one...

Loosening an IDE cable could easily do it. Doesn't that suck?

It happened on my old computer. I installed an IDE CD-RW in my Cyrix 6x86-P150+ (mistake), and I loosened the cable to the first IDE hard drive. Then, I got NOTHING on the monitor.

I didn't think that was possible, so I had a friend look at it. Sure enough, that was the problem. It's pretty sad, isn't it? I probably could have figured it out eventually, but I am impatient and I jump to conclusions faster than shaken pop bottles build tension.

Anything can affect anything IMHO. Just take caution in what you're connecting.
ah, i've never had that problem with a loose ide cable. maybe it is shorting out something...

worked on 286, 386, 486, pentium, etc.. but never a cyrix.. couldn't tell ya..
Yah know, not to keep into old topics, but not the first post. See if you are as old as me you would remember the days of threaded messages. The days when NC_TOM was still working on netcabins. Wow, I can't believe I am really posting in here. (I just got an email that there was a reply to this post).

Hope everyone is doing well.

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